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Relationships: How to cope after cheating and marriage breakdown

Join me as I talk about the breakdown of my first relationship and how I turned it into a positive situation. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, my ex had an affair causing the end of our relationship. However instead of having a nervous breakdown I tried to have a positive attitude and use this awful experience to my advantage. I have learned that a lot of our life experience is down to our attitude and how we look at a situation. Perspective is everything.

Happiness: Attitude is everything and everything happens for a reason

The title is not as cliche as it sounds. Join me as I talk about trying to find the positives in negative situations. In my entire life there has only ever been one thing I could not find the reason for and that was the death of my baby brother. Time is the best healer for some things, but one healer we unfortunately cannot rush. However with most other situations we can try and find a good reason for it and it’s even more helpful if you can try and view problems as having already had time to heal. When confronted with something bad if we can try to think how we would feel about the situation in the future, more often than not we find that we are not so affected by the situation. Again perspective is everything.

Sex Magick: A quick ‘how to’ guide

on sex magic

Who’s heard of sex Magick? It’s a little something you can do to transfer your sexual energy into something that’s better than just 2 seconds of pleasure. Think of it as the sexual laws of attraction. Join me as I give a very quick guide on how to can use your orgasms to fuel your dreams.

Sacred and Spiritual Menstruation and our Goddess Energy

A brief video explaining our menstruation and how important and amazingly helpful it is to respect our bleeding and our moon time. I talk about spiritual Menstruation, learning the moon cycle and getting in tune with our flow.


Stop giving

your power away

Often people think success happens overnight and easily. That’s not the case and there is good reason why it doesn’t. Easy come, easy go. Stick with it, stay focused and treat each problem as a blessing in disguise and you will go far. Its not all rainbows and unicorns but life is full of magic if you choose to look for it.

Pain free periods: Respecting your menstruation and moontime

So many people have painful periods just like I did for years. You don’t have to though, start respecting your body and your periods will become a lot easier. In this video I talk about falling in love with your bleeding and honouring your flow……

Success: What it really is and why stress is necessary

Another video where I explain why you should not be having sex randomly. Every time we have sex there is a big energetic exchange and if we don’t know what we are doing with that energy we cannot be productive and we are just literally wasting our energy for 2 seconds of bliss. Learn how to use your energy wisely.

How to use the Moon to grow your hair FAST

A brief video explaining how to use the moon to encourage thicker and new hair growth. You can also use the moon to discourage growth.
Full moon cut: encourages thickness
New moon cut: encourages new hair
Dark moon cut: discourages growth
We are 70-80% water and the moon has a huge pull on us. Many farmers know this and use the moon to grow and harvest their crops. Where the moon is when we cut our hair has a big effect on what happens to it. Watch this video to find out how and when to cut…….

How to protect

yourself energetically/spiritually

Just a little video on some ways you can protect yourself from the evil overlords (and EMF’s too). Orgonite, sacred oils, herbs and your mind all come into play here. Just sharing some of the ways I protect myself and keep my consciousness elevated.
Wilhelm Reich is the man to look up.