The Nocturnal Gang

Welcome the The Nocturnal Gang-the best thing since The Happy Gang was invented! Designed with the masculine in mind and focusing primarily on black health issues-this gang is all about helping you guys create a life you love and giving you the daily nudge and tools needed to make it happen. Each night (mon-fri) you will receive a message from Tamara themed towards improving your wellbeing and every Sunday you will be encouraged to participate in some list writing and journaling to help plan your week ahead. This gang is all about promoting mindfulness, wellbeing and productivity and IS just what you need to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health!

To sign up please click the Paypal link above and set up your subscription. Once your subscription is set up please send a WhatsApp message quoting ‘Nocturnal Gang’, your name and your subscription reference number to +447940247068. You will then receive further instructions on what to do.

Please note this is NOT a group chat. This is a completely confidential service, messages are sent out via a broadcast list and your participation is private.