The Kids Gang



This is The Happy Gang for the youths! It’s aimed at kids aged 6-16, and is all about getting the younger generation to start building a positive growth mindset from a young age. 


Just like the adults Gang, The Kids Gang will guide your child and give them the tools they need to help them form the habits that will benefit them every day for the rest of their life...


As a gang member you/your child will receive video messages every morning at 7am (Mon-Fri) giving them small and manageable tasks helping to introduce them to healthy habits and routines that will hopefully become their way of life!


To sign up:


1.        Please click here to set up your subscription. The subscription fee is charged at £5 every 4 weeks and can be cancelled at any time via your bank.


2.         Once your subscription is set up please download the Telegram app from the AppStore or install Patreon app so you can receive the vidoes.


3.         Once you are signed up you will be sent a special link via email to access the gang.


*Please note that you will be removed from the gang as soon as you cancel your subscription. If you have any issues please use the contact form on this website as messages are not monitored on Telegram or Patreon.