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The Happy Gang is a refreshingly unique mental health support service for ONLY £5 a month, brought to you by NOT Dr Tamara…

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The Happy Gang is a refreshingly unique mental health support service for only £5 a month, brought to you by NOT Dr. Tamara.
This exclusive coaching service provides everything you need to help strengthen your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Run via Telegram and Patreon, each day you will receive new inspirational and thought-provoking video messages filled with exercises, self-help advice and guidance taking you on a journey of self-discovery that will improve you entire life.
The ultimate goal of the gang is to instil healthy habits that will help you take control of your life and create your own happiness – because you deserve to be happy!
All techniques demonstrated are proven to promote a more positive mindset and include: 







And much more…
The Happy Gang is supporting 100s of people living in difficult situations and is successfully helping them restore self-confidence and reignite positive self-esteem. There is no pressure, your involvement can be as much or as little as you want or need, so come and join the gang today!


To sign up please click the link at the top or bottom of the page and set up your subscription. The subscription fee is charged at £5 every 4 weeks and can be cancelled at anytime via Patreon.

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Anonymous xx (verified owner) – May 11, 2020

If it wasn't for Tamara, the Happy Gang, and all that she does-I wouldn't still be here. I've kept this anonymous for privacy, but I've been suicidal for some time for various reasons, and still struggle daily with suicidal thoughts. Tamara daily messages (the ONLY texts I ever receive) are what keeps those at bay, and keeps me here every day. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. You helped me more in a short space of time than 18 months of private intense counselling did.You have no idea how truly wonderful, beautiful a human being you are or how much you help people. I love you X If you're struggling, and don't know about the Happy Gang- GET to know- it will change your Life. Xx

Genique (verified owner) - November 5, 2019 Good evening Saw one of your videos a few days ago regarding one of your gang members seeing a therapist. Today I had my 1st counselling session after waiting 3 months & I left there feeling emotional, negative & as if I had taken a few steps back. I joined your gang 3 months ago after experiencing a tricky few weeks & wanted something to help me get back on track. I look forward to the morning mantras, breathing techniques & general advice. Although I enjoy it & benefit from being in the Gang I didn't realise how much until today after counselling. Compared to being in The Happy Gang I really don't think counselling will benefit me. You have given me tools to help with my anxiety, the books you have recommended have helped me see things in a positive way & I am becoming very aware of the thoughts I put out into the Universe. You have helped me in such a small space of time & I am forever grateful. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you do, you're truly amazing Sending you lots of love

Hi Tamara I found you through a Ahh you are so kind friend of mine Devon and at the time I was going through the worst time of my life, my husband of 11 years had an affair with my best friend whilst I was in Spain (I went because doctors told me my transplanted lungs were failing and I refused radiotherapy) I came back from Spain healthy and a big fuck you to the doctors who didnt think I could do it! Then to find out the 2 people who were meant to love me had done that. She had been living in my house, wearing my clothes, wearing glasses with no lenses (I wear glasses) and pretending to actually be me and calling herself Mrs Swift * honestly she didnt know what I was going to do. I can't even tell you how thankful I am for you and some other amazing people I've met over the last year. You've helped me grow and come to terms with it all. Because of you I've realized that I'm actually better off by myself and I now love myself again and I don't need a man to do this for me. I respect myself, i love my friends, my life and I'm excited about what my future holds. I'm planning things for me and for what I want to do now. Also because of you I have completely changed the way I think about my body and "disease" (I have cystic fibrosis, had a double lung transplant 7 years ago, diabetes and some other crap) but from the tools you have given me - the natural remedies, the people like Louise Hay etc I have been researching and doing my own work into this. For the last 2 months I havent needed any insulin (i used to inject 3-4 times a day), I've normal blood pressure and I've stopped taking a LOT of my meds and replaced them with more natural things. I have done my own research so please dont panic at all! I'm stronger in my mind I'm fitter and stronger in my body, I talk to and encourage myself in the same way I would my friends. I can't even explain how much I feel better than I have done in years. And the wierd thing is for years I didnt even realize how I was feeling / talking to myself wasnt right! I'd forgotten who the hell I was I will be advocating you and your gang to anyone i think may need your help but i think I've taken what i can from it for now and I'm so so so grateful to you. I will still be buying your oils as i sleep like a baby and also my arthritis has gone since using them e and I know if I need your help you will be there for meI think you are a fabulous strong independent woman who I admire sooooo much please don't stop doing what you're doing there are so many people that need you I love you and I wish you all the success and happiness in the world too

Hi Tamara, I want to thank you so so so much for the last year I've been in the gang. You've helped me immensely and I honestly couldn't be more grateful. I have your gang attitude on automatic now and I barely struggle at all these days you've made me laugh you've made me cry you've taken time out of your day to talk to me personally on WhatsApp and help me out with things and this makes you such a special person to me .. Forever !! I love you to pieces longer need to be part of the gang anymore so I'm not going to be signing up monthly again .. Please don't take it personally though its only because you've properly helped to fix me and l ' ll always follow your Instagram accounts and buy the oil etc just wanted to let you know. And I feel kind I feel I no of teary for leaving I've grown and evolved in ways I could never imagine and I only have you to thank! Don't be a stranger I love you gorgeous continue to be everyone's light in a dark tunnel XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

11 days in the happy gang and day 11 started seeing changes and had to message because couldn't get over it! Day 11 and honest to god shit has changed! Week before pay day and normally I am skint ... I have been but no joke every time Iv been down to my last money, money comes to me some how! I've mentioned before my arthritis is really bad I went for my contraceptive pill the other day and what's there? New pain killers! I hadn't asked for them or spoke to my DR about them? Yesterday was a weird one I felt like the world was ending a I was having the BIGGEST pity party then you spoke about the new moon and it all made sense! My whole mindset has changed and added BONUS Iv lost 4lb because my life doesn't feel as shitty so Iv not been head first in the snack cupboard trying to eat my feelings and ● honestly I was skeptical at first but whatever good vibes your throwing to this gang is honestly changing my life ... did I mention 11 days !!! Thank you so much x

Izzy (verified owner) - April 21, 2020 ***** If I could rate you more I would! Tamara you are a beautiful human being, with a even more beautiful soul! I joined your gang twice, first I was battling POST NATAL DEPRESSION, and needed some mental health treatment that didn't involve medication. And you uplifted me, and helped shift my mind to a more positive mindset. But I had to leave, as I couldn't put my all into it. And had some self healing to take care off. Then fast forward a year, around the same time I joined the previous year. And the universe brought you to me again. I was pregnant again and suffering with anxiety. But this time I put my all in. Wrote my lists, Listened to your mantra on the school run, ( yes I was repeating it aloud, and I got some strange looks) but who the hell cares! And my life changed, I felt something clicked in me.and I stopped attaching the anxiety to me, and I stopped letting people take the Piss out of me. And I started everyday knowing I'm gonna have a good day! And I did! And that's because of you!. I'm a empath so I feel everything, so I had to leave the gang, when you was stuck in morroco because I could feel that. (Not your fault). And I had to focus on my hypnobirthing and now I've had my third beautiful boy. He is 3 weeks old. I believe we will be drawn together again, (in a spiritual way) one day!! Anyone suffering or need some uplifting or guidance join this gang. You will not regret it'! Put the work in and let Tamara change your Life! Without the medication that just hides your symptoms! THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMARA! Until we meet again!!