Join the girls this week for another vibrant show. Tamara is on a bit of a rampage at the beginning as her sons school is driving her a bit bonkers. She talks about the racist issues she is dealing with currently and the attitudes of the school and the problems that arise when schools are run like a business. After her rant she starts to explain how she came to write ‘The Happy Diet’ and what she hopes people will get from reading it. She discusses the importance of understanding happiness and how easy it is to attain. She explains how important it is to be happy because the universe responds to your frequency and the frequency of happiness is what attaches us to other amazing things.

She goes through the first week and touches a bit on week 2. The ladies talks about yoga and the many benefits and Tamara shares how easy the yoga sequence is that she does, Yoga for Dummies. Tamara explains the benefits of simply breathing properly and how belly breathing is so important for relieving stress. She also talks openly about how she uses all these things in her own life to relieve stress.

Tamara loves chia seeds and is convinced they are what keeps her skin so clear. She is obsessed with drinking them daily and swears by them for energy. This was a really good show full of lots of little tips on saving money and buying the right products. The girls share where they get all products from and Tamara is especially fond of for her health products.

If you want to add more happiness to your life or want tips on stress management, press play now!