The Happy Gang

The Happy Gang is an unique mental health support service brought to you by NOT Dr Tamara. Run via WhatsApp, this exclusive service provides everything you need to improve your entire mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Each day members will receive new thought-provoking and inspirational video messages along with exercises, self help advice and guidance to promote self-discovery that will improve your entire life. The ultimate goal is to help you gain positive self-esteem and restore your self-confidence so you can feel more engaged with your inner self and the wider world around you.

This unique service offers a different approach to supporting your mental health, but all techniques are proven to work at improving your mindset and include things such as:


And much, much more…

The Happy Gang is supporting 100’s of people like yourself living in difficult situations and is successfully helping them to improve their life. To sign up please click the link below and set up your subscription. Once your subscription is set up please send a WhatsApp message containing your name and subscription reference number to +447940247068. You will receive further instructions on what to do.