Services and Guidance

Almost everything you will ever need to be happy is in my book ‘The Happy Diet’ however for those of you that would like some extra guidance or support,  please see below the packages I offer…

Life has a habit of occasionally being a bitch and sometimes we find ourselves stuck. It can be hard to move forward if you don’t have anyone to support you or if you lack the right tools and attitude. That’s where I can help. If you need a boost or someone to pick you up, inspire you and drive you to a better life, I am the woman you’re looking for. I don’t do bullshit and I will only tell you what you NEED to hear, as rarely has anyone gone through significant growth without someone or something shaking them up first. I shake you and then very quickly and easily guide you to a happier life.

Motivational Speaking

Do you have a workforce with a morale that needs boosting? Do you have a school and group of young adults that need inspiring? Do you have a vulnerable group that would benefit from healing? Whatever you need I can help with, including: confidence, assertiveness, happiness and mindful living. I will come and inspire your audience and tailor the talk to your specific requirements and your staffs needs. Companies work better when the workforce is happier. Happy people are more productive and it’s been proven that happy staff do more! Please email for more information.

Have You Got Your Copy of ‘The Happy Diet’ Yet?


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