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Do you want to be happier but just not quite sure how? Do you need more support, motivation and guidance in your life? Do you love me and my energy and wish I would personally kick your backside into happiness? As you probably know I am is ridiculously passionate about making others happy and if you want me and my infectious energy delivered directly to your inbox daily-then this is the group for you. The Happy Gang is a members only whatsapp group where you will receive motivation, support and guidance straight from me every single day (that’s right-I will basically harass you into happiness). Each day I will send you exclusive videos and messages containing all the help, information and knowledge you need to live a truly happy and prosperous life.


What you get…

•Daily morning video message from me containing a lot of tips and exercises to ensure you have a wonderful day.

• Daily breathing and mantras to help you rewire your mind.

•All my weird and wonderful tips regarding the Moon, the law of attraction, alternative remedies and much more.

 If you wish to join the gang please add the ‘The Happy Gang Monthly Membership’ that is below to your basket and pay for your place. When you have paid for your place, please send a Whatsapp message with your name and order number to +447940247068 so I can add you to the broadcast list, please also MAKE SURE you store my number in your contacts list or you won’t be able to receive the messages.

PLEASE NOTE* This a monthly subscription service and it will renew automatically each month unless you cancel it.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me on

I look forward to kicking you (kindly) into happiness!

79 reviews for The Happy Gang Subscription

  1. marcia morgan

    love Tamara . Her energy her honesty . Love listening to her she really does make a difference . She cheers you up . And definitely lifts your spirits . If you want positivity in your life she is the one to give it to you 👍❤️❤️

  2. Claire

    I contacted not dr tamara, on behalf of my teenage son. He has suffered with poor health for quite along time, also with his mental health. I said he had been following her for a few months and thought the happy gang would really benefit his life. As “professionals” have failed him! She inspired a big change in his mental and physical health. She sends lots of information. One was aspartme poisioning and it rang true to some of his symptoms. So this was banned in our household and hes slowly becoming vegan!! Down to just chicken/turkey. And the effect this has had is AMAZING. I have my son back hes slowly improving! A recent hospital a&e admission doctors were praising how well he was doing and said this all down to the NATURAL way i have done things and down to to Tamaras help!! YOU ARE MAGICAL AND HAVE SO MUCH POWER🌈💛 You have saved my boys life!!! Anyone who is suffering please please take on her advice you may think that wont work but trust me this will work!! She knows exactly what shes doing and even consultant reccomended!! WE LOVE YOU NOT DR TAMARA 💛💛

  3. Shaun

    When i was 7 years old i had been very unwell with dizzyness and blacking out. Later on in life, the doctors thought i had POTS (postural orthastatic tachycardy syndrome) and it was causing me to black out, have migranes and be dizzy every day. After years of research they can only diagnose adults, so one day i came across tamara. She talked about vegan food and aspartme poisoning. So i decided to go vegan and cut out juice and everything that had aspatme in them. In 3 months everything has changed i am no longer blacking out and im dizzy about 1-2 times a week. We told the doctor about this and it turns out i did have aspatme poisioning. So thanks to tamara i have fianally been diagnosed. Tamara thank you for saving my life.❤️

  4. Joanne

    I only started the Happy Gang a short while ago. But in a few weeks I’ve gone from laying in my house all day barely able to move from M.E…. to happy and wanting to live my life. I was in such a dark space and I couldn’t see a way out and honestly I was ready to give up on life. Since joining I’ve been out of the house ALOT and I feel differently about everything now. The wealth of knowledge shared is amazing. It’s working for me. And I have Tamara to thank for it. I’m grateful for Tamara. Very very grateful 🌈💜 xxx

  5. Heidi

    I cannot put into words how AMAZING!!!! This power house woman is!
    Dealing with illness and pregnancy has been made worlds better just my listening to her daily. It is not your usual gang and that’s what makes it so perfect. Dealing with life truly and honestly for us all to see and learn from!
    Thank you Sweetie! Loveeeeeee 🦄

  6. Ann Marie Bennett

    I enjoy being in the Happy Gang. I always look forward to to the morning and night session. You get positive motivation to get through day/week. I always learn something new that I would not known otherwise. It also changed my prespective in life for the better.

  7. Abbie

    I followed Tam on Insta for a while and found myself watching her videos on challenging days, to help give me that boost to not lose my shit lol. So when the Happy Gang came along, I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since. I’ve signed up half my family too. It’s great, no matter how much we think we might have out shit together, we sometimes just need those reminders and nudges in the right direction. Thanks TamTams Love you xxxx

  8. kmacijauskaite (verified owner)

    The HAPPY GANG. its amazing! having lovely messages to read and listen to every morning is an exciting part of my day… I have learnt a lot, with Tamara often mentioning subjects which lead onto more research… Sometimes when i feel alone i just re-play some of her videos on the background, feels like shes really here talking to you because what she says isn’t scripted and is pretty much all said as it comes through her thoughts (I’m assuming lol)…
    Definitely worth joining the gang!!!!

  9. Lauren

    The Happy Gang has helped me immeasurably… I have started thinking much more positively in my every day life, I’ve started to form better relationships thanks to my new and improved mindset and, most importantly, I’ve started to love myself for the first time ever. I still have a long way to go but Tamara has done for me in a few short months what years of therapy never could. Whenever I face a choice, hiccup or hurdle I now find myself asking ‘what would Tamara say to me now?’ This lady is truly amazing, her words are so real yet so, so powerful. I respect her honesty, her gift, her passion, her advice, her wisdom..I just love her. I’m so thankful for the time she gives to us all and I cannot wait to continue to grow through her guidance. If you’re hovering over this page wondering whether to subscribe..DO IT! you will not be disappointed xxx

  10. Anesa

    This wonderful lady’s heart, soul, healing mind.. Kindness knowledge, positivity and love is infectious… I am living in the now Tamara thank you. If you want to begin a journey to Happiness heal self love and general awesomeness please sign up to the happy gang.. You will be touched by MAGIC!

  11. Line

    I just love!!!! The happy gang!
    I stumbled across her Instagram account last year, when I was in a really bad relationship, and not feeling good about my self. I started following her on insta, and slowly my mindset changed. I have told Tamara before, that I feel the universe send her to me.
    I grew strong, with the help of her insta story’s and the happy gang. So many times when things are happening around me, Tamara has send a video in the happy gang saying stuff I needed to hear, at that time!
    I am so much more in tune with my self and the universe and I feel so much more happy!
    And, I got out of that bad relationship, found myself and then my big love, and I’m so in love and happy and dealing with things way better know! And it all feels like it was lined up by the universe, waiting for the right timing. And the wise rambles and love from Tamara.
    I just love you Tamara, and love the gang! Thank you.

  12. Ivette

    The Happy Gang is PHENOMENAL! Tamara is absolutely amazing. I am inspired by her authenticity/transparency. She is my favorite notification. Not only does she provide you with the tools you need be it videos, reading material, links, and motivational quotes she also provides a safe haven that fosters understanding and healing.

  13. Jenni (verified owner)

    This is exactly how’s it’s described on the tin…a gang full of happiness…every day I wake up to a motivating and positive message from Tamara and I can’t wait to receive it…she always knows how to give you magical energy and we share and talk about all sorts of things to make your life better and more abundant…the thing I love about her is that she is honest and she is real…I really feel part of something that is making a difference to me and to others too…come join us 💕💕

  14. Zoe lee

    This gang is just has described! Tamara is absolutely amazing! So real so happy so full of positivity and love ❤️ I just love having her in my life she lifts my spirit and so much has changed for me in only a few months for the better . She’s saved my life ! You will not regret joining .

  15. Kayleigh (verified owner)

    Hi Tamara not sure if this will help anyone but really wanted u to know how much my life has changed..
    As you know this year was really hard for me I had a really stressful job working as a 999 police dispatcher heard awful stuff and then on 1st August lost my baby at 18wks 5 days. well while I was in hospital and a complete wreck I joined your gang 🙌🏼 and brought the secret started doing daily mantras and writing down intentions and gratitude lists and basically done everything you said (family thinks I’m nuts now)

    well fast forward to October I am so much more happy on my list I wrote I want to stay home with my 3 little ones have money to be happy, Go on holiday which I haven’t for 7 years and wanted the new Range Rover sport 😬 !!!!
    well I went to Morocco on 13th Sep For 7 nights Came home handed my notice in and im now at home full time, I’m so much more happy now my kids have changed to they are so happy and to add to that hubby got a pay rise and suprised me with a new Range Rover 😳 wtf can’t put it down to anything else but you and the universe Iv even got hubby involved with positive thinking, but just wanted to say thank you

  16. Jenny (verified owner)

    I’ve only been in the gang a couple weeks but already I’ve felt a big change in myself – I can almost feel the shift in energy! I’ve been following Tamara on Instagram for about a year and always loved her, but the happy gang is a whole other level. I can’t recommend it enough! I learn something new every day, Tamara brings a smile to my face and for the first time in a LONG time (decades) I have hope.
    Thank you universe for bringing Tamara and the happy gang into my life! X

  17. Mischa

    The Happy Gang has changed my life for the better and as a result has subsequently changed the lives of those around me in such a positive way, Tamara smacks the happy into you and gives you all the tools you need to live live a positive life to the full, 10 stars highly recommend to everyone xxx

  18. Heidi

    Back again because it’s worth saying twice.! This woman is phenomenal! She brightens up anyone’s day! I can not describe how much being in the gang has helped my well being!
    I do not have the words!
    But why are you even reading this? Why aren’t you joining the gang right now??? GO! GO! GO!
    Wait buy some of her kick ass journals too! NOW GO!

  19. Jam

    Love this girl not only is she my best friend but a life saver listening to the happy Gang on the way back from the school run really gets me through my day.
    Over the last 20 years I’ve seen her work her butt off day and night to become the successful business woman and wonderful mother she is today. Well done Not dr Tamara (auntie tam) we love you loads and thank you for all your love and guidance xxxx

  20. Kerry Hardman (verified owner)

    I was in a pretty dark place when I joined the Happy Gang, my friends & family had all but given up on me as no one understood my depression or knew how to deal with me so I was incredibly alone. Having Tamara’s happy face appear in my inbox every day inspired me to get out of bed where everything else had failed. I followed her guidance, drank green juices, read the books & watched the videos she recommended & I can honestly say I’m a different person than I was two months ago! I moved away, reconnected with my family & friends & above all else I stopped being so horrible to myself because every day she told me not to! I felt like someone really cared about my wellbeing again & it gave me the boost I needed to change my life. I cannot recommend joining the gang enough, I have no idea where I would be right now if I hadn’t but I don’t think about that because Tamara has taught me not to! All the can say is thank you so so much & to anyone debating joining, JUST DO IT! Xx

  21. Helen (verified owner)

    I love being part of the happy gang. I always thought I was a positive person but really I just didn’t complain out loud…. Inside my head was a safe haven for every negative thought and every worthless feeling. Tamara has helped me realise that and truly become what I pretended to be.

    And it works… practising gratitude has brought me so many more things to be grateful for. I’m learning from Tamara every day, I look forward to her messages, her wisdom & the magic she sprinkles x

  22. Daisy (verified owner)

    Tamara you are absolutely wonderful you are the most beautiful human being. Everyday you say the things I need to hear and remind me life’s pretty awesome. Since being in your gang and following your mantras and lemon water in the morning, you have helped me turn my whole life from negative to positive thank you so much I really love you and am very grateful for you xxxxxx

  23. Marcia morgan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love being in the gang,feels like an extended family.Tamara is a god send her knowledge is totally mind blowing. She definitely gives you that push we all need so much to believe in ourselves. Life can definitely drag the strongest people down we get lost in the pressure of life the stress .Material things really don’t matter in life it’s your family and health and memories.okay not everyday can be brilliant but when it isn’t you step back and take a breath and say to yourself . You know what I’ve got this ,That’s because of Tamara, listening to her she makes us all laugh and believe in ourselfs thankyou❤️❤️❤️

  24. Claire

    I have been in the gang 6months. And our lives have changed alot! My three year old sprinkles her magic on people at outdoor nursery. Sprinkles it on the plants they plant like mara does 🙂 we mantra alot. Tamara has helped my little family in lots of ways!! We are a happier little threesome our health is improving vastely!! Tamara goes above and beyond even down to vitamins for my 3year old who btw has not had a cold or nothing since starting floradix. We love you Tamara and all you do for this universe

  25. Lauren Navarro

    All I can say is when your in a place of darkness Tamara brings in the light. She gets it..wakes you up and gives you hope when you need it. The point with the happy gang is that it all comes from a place of actual caring rather than words of an overpaid middle class therapist. Her approach is refreshing and consistent and is changing my universe slowly but surely for the better!

  26. Jess

    Absolutely love this happy gang and I would recommend it to everyone 😃 I was going through a really bad phase and decided to join after been saying I would for so long. It has defiantly made a difference after only one week I feel more positive about life and everything that’s happening. I honestly look forward to her videos every morning and I always feel like my day goes better when I start it of with writing in the happy journal. Couldn’t recommend it enough 🙂

  27. Shannon (verified owner)

    I have been in the gang a couple of months now & I love it! I’m one of them people if I don’t see results from something straight away I give up but with Tamara’s energy & positivity regardless when I come across obstacles I pick myself back up watch a few videos from Tamara & practise it all over again! She really helps! Not only do I practise her mantras with my daughter which she loves I’m also persuading all my friends to join! Thank you Tamara ❤️❤️

  28. K

    Firstly, Tamara, I want to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do. The Happy Gang is truly amazing, how you offer such service for £5 I do not know!!

    Guys, if your contemplating becoming a member, JUST DO IT!!!! Seriously, the energy and GENUINE vibes that come from Tamara are unmatched.
    I was going through a pretty rough stage in my life where I just felt completely lost, and quite frankly scared when I decided to join the Happy Gang. However, since becoming a member, I feel like I have rediscovered myself! All to down to the thankless help Tamara gives day in day out! Although I do not speak with Tamara personally, she fills the position of a true friend. It’s hard to find such people in the world we live in today, so thank-you!!! Not only do you receive daily videos and messages that uplift your spirit and set you on the right path to start your day, but it also gives you some faith in this crazy human race! Lol. The best £5 I spend each month.
    Thank-you, Tamara. Seriously. 🙂💜

  29. Megan

    The happy gang isn’t a usual gang it’s so Much more than that i am so happy to be in the happy gang I wake up everyday with videos from Tamara and her energy makes me wake up feeling positive I’ve had such a crappy year but being in the happy gang has given me so much advice and just the energy makes me feel better love it and so happy I found out about Tamara if you don’t sign up you would be crazy to miss out on I recommend you sign up now

  30. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I joined the gang at the beginning of the year, and so greatful that I did! Tamara is actually magic! How she can give you the energy and motivation, the guidance and knowledge to make things happen when you put in the work is remarkable, she’s taught me how to love and be kind to myself, I’m such a happier person since being part of the gang! Thank you Tamara!
    P.s don’t hesitate to join, just do it! It’s the best gang in the world!! 💛💚💛💚💛💚🌍🌕🌑💫🌸🌼🌸🌼

  31. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I joined the gang at the beginning of the year, and so greatful that I did! Tamara is actually magic! How she can give you the energy and motivation, the guidance and knowledge to make things happen when you put in the work is remarkable, she’s taught me how to love and be kind to myself, I’m such a happier person since being part of the gang! Thank you Tamara!
    P.s don’t hesitate to join, do it! It’s the best gang in the world!! 💛💚💛💚💛💚🌍🌕🌑💫🌸🌼🌸🌼

  32. -K

    Tamara’s energy keeps me going through dark times, my overall well-being has definetly improved since joining. My outlook on life has improved. She doesn’t give you useless advice just to get money, it’s genuine helpful advice and daily check ins ❤️.

  33. Kirsty Gallagher (verified owner)

    If you feel like you need to shake shit up and you want more positivity more abundance and to understand the shit show that is life join the gang!!!!
    I discovered Tamara a few years back but i I wasn’t ready, I’ve suffered with depression for around 3 years from last year it was unbearable I starting working with crystals I started meditating I then stumbled on Tamaras insta again and it was a video about depression after having a child (coincidence I think not)! I started following her I joined the gang I mantra every morning I make lists I speak positively about my life and my life is becoming what I’m speaking!!!! It’s still a shit show but abit less of a shit show than it used to be and I handle everything that comes at me in a completely better way.
    One of the best decisions I’ve made in 2019 has been joining the gang can’t sing this girls praises enough!!!!!

  34. Suzanne (verified owner)

    I want to keep not Dr. Tamara in my pocket…. I love her…. she is my girl crush…. her positivity is contagious… You cannot help but smile while watching her daily videos. The best fiver you will ever spend.

  35. Rebecca Glynn

    Been in the gang now for a year or so, Tamara changed my life, she’s helped me become confident, and grow. Ever since starting the gang, writing in her happy journal every day and night my life has turned around, I’ve been successful in work and at home!
    I now have a better understanding on life and what to do when bad stuff happens!
    Above all else Tamara is real, she keeps it real, she shows her own weaknesses & how what she teaches really does work! Tamara practises exactly what she preaches and I look forward to seeing her face and hearing her voice every day 🙂 if you’re unsure give it a month, what’s a fiver, I promise you won’t regret it!
    She’s inspiring, admiral, passionate & beautiful inside & out!
    Thank you Tamara x

  36. Line

    I owe this woman and the happy gang my positive and good mood, and sanity!
    The daily videos with mantras are so important part of my day- helps my mood, and I honestly feel like, I can take over the world, thanks to them.
    It just works!
    Tamaras Instagram, happy journal and the haygang, took me out of a dark spot, and pushed me into the sunshine, took away my clouds in my mind, and really helps me with my mood, my self-esteem and how I handle daily life.
    Of course we all have shitty days. And that’s okay. But the get a little bit less shitty, with Tamara sprinkling magic on your day.
    And good days, get even better.

  37. Jane (verified owner)

    What can I say besides Tamara is awesome!! Honestly her realness, positivity, empathy, love and happiness is nothing but contagious and strongly helps promote nothing more than great well-being and self-love.

    Not all super hero’s wear capes!! <3

  38. Ines (verified owner)

    I was in the Happy Gang for about 3 months and it had such a positive impact on my mental and emotional well being.
    It is amazing what you are doing Tamara. 🤗
    I’m in much better place thanks to your little bit of Magic when I needed it. 😁
    Thank you

    I sent some people your way and will continue to do so because I think everybody needs a little bit of Tamara in their life.

    You are amazing 😘

  39. Lorna (verified owner)

    I became a member of the gang just before Christmas. I’ve known about the Secret and Louise Hay for over a decade but getting the daily inbox messages and having the journals have really made a difference in me actually putting knowledge into practice. My son rolls his eyes and says “not her again” each morning but he’s even got involved to with writing his daily gratitude list. I recently got a new job and I don’t know that I’d have even applied for it let alone got the role had it not been for daily mantras that have boosted my self esteem and made me realise my worth. Thank you x

  40. Jordan (verified owner)

    I joined The Happy Gang in June 2018 because I do shift work, do not get the same set of days off a month and needed therapy so this was the closest thing to it. Tamara’s videos are both comforting and actively motivating. The mantras we do in the mornings have now become paramount in starting my day right. I have now adopted the mindsets that she encourages. I’ve also now delved into my discovery of actual self and my spirituality much deeper. With the joining of doing mantras, ritualistic baths, writing lists and taking on the advice she gives about different herbal medicines – certain problems I’ve had concerning my health have massively improved/stopped.

    If you are open and willing to receive the help she provides then actually do the work she suggests, I can promise positive abundance in some way, shape or form will come.

  41. Megan

    I have depression and anxiety I have been on antidepressants since I was 12 and being in Tamara gang I have not even needed to take my tablets I have only been in the gang for 4 months and has made a major change I love it and recommend you sign up now the help you get is amazing

  42. Claire

    I have been in the happy gang about a year now! And my life and children’s lives have changed immensely! My mental health has improved dramatically!! Through Tamaras help I have reversed my kidney failure dramatically no need for dialysis anymore, which is amazing 🙌🏼 BUT I have manage to lessen my lipedema and lymphedema ALSO! To the point it’s like I have had surgery! Which of course I said it’s all down to the happy gang and Tamaras wisdom and guidance!! Signing up is life changing!

  43. Ann Bennett (verified owner)

    I started the Happy Gang in the beginning of last year and my life went from bad depressed to great empowered. I left the gang to continue my dreams and everything I envisioned started to come true everything from promotion, house and to closer relationship with my husband. My husband noticed the change in me and inspire him to see the good in life. I rejoined as its prediction of my future emotionally will be difficult. This Happy Gang will times in need to keep you sane in this crazy world we live. Tamara is a healer, motivator, and a great friend who there for you.

  44. Christina

    I am beyond thrilled to be in the happy gang 🤗 Tamara has helped in me in ways that traditional therapy never could. From setting intentions, mantras, and prayers. Not the kind of prayers your nana did. I’m forever grateful for having this woman in my life. She’s the aunt I always needed in my life. Thank you so much cause now I have a deeper love for me and my path ahead. Life is amazing even though it’s not exactly what I want to be in but exactly where I need to be. I’ve manifested something within me and that’s with her help. As a collective the stuff she shares is amazing. We doing some powerful things in this happy gang 💪🏽✨

  45. Brittni (verified owner)

    I have been a part of the gang for a few months now and I can honestly say I didn’t think it would do much for me and was a last ditch effort for mental stability. I am now more positive than ever. I’m more grateful than ever. I’m more aware of my emotions and how to handle them. Tamara really feels like she’s speaking to you in the daily messages. I love it and idk where I’d be without her. Somewhere more depressed and anxious I’m sure. Thank you Tamara for your love, support and guidance.

  46. Lia (verified owner)

    So grateful for Not Dr Tamara! Wish more people knew about her already!!! Bought my daughter the journal too and buy them as gifts. Looking forward to what is next, everyday! Wish you all the best Tamara & thanks so much for so much!!! 🙂👌

  47. jaydaxx (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member of the gang for a couple of months now. I joined after reading some of the reviews and £5 per month is a lot less than what therapy or wine costs! I don’t always do everything that Tamara suggests but I do make sure I do my Sunday lists! These lists have helped me keep on track, get shit done and remind me to appreciate all the good things I already have in my life!! Since being in the gang I’ve managed to complete a diploma in beauty therapy, whilst doing that I also completed a diploma in sports massage ( whilst working 4 days per wk and being a mum ) and also passed my driving test after 1 failed attempt, the 2nd time I took Tamara’s advice and wore red, green and blue !! Morning mantras and breathing are part of my daily routine now thanks to Tamara and the happy gang. I am very grateful for all you do Tamara 🙏🏼

  48. Pamela Moreno (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member since December 2018. 2018 was a hard year. I went through a break up, trying to figure out who I was after a nasty 5 year relationship. The break up was in March that year & it was extremely hard on all levels! A year later, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been & this gang was part of my process/journey. This gang is no joke! For such a low price, she gives you everything & then some! She covers a wide range of topics, so there is never a stale day! Tamara is full of life & joy. On my bad days, I would rewatch the videos, do my breathing exercises, & at the end, I would feel so much better. Tamara & the happy gang are a treasure that everyone in this world needs at some point in their lives! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Shelly (verified owner)

    NotDrTamara is a true angel. She has helped me so much with her great positivity and encouraging videos daily. She gives you a real purpose to start living again, when you lose your way. I love being part of the gang. I’m on a journey and still learning much about myself but NotDrTamara is such a realist and lets you know it’s ok to feel how you do at times if your not doing so great but she reminds you that you have a purpose. Thank you for helping me sis! Blessings always 💛

  50. Claire

    I have been in the happy gang over a year now! And it has been life changing! Tamara has helped reverse my kidney failure also helped with my lipedema and lymphedema! Results are like having surgery which I have not only happy gang life! And vegan has changed my life and daughters! Also Tamara saved my son Shaun and he’s improving daily and changed his career path to help change the work! Councillor for children and my daughter 4yrs old wants to be like Tamara and make people happy! Also signed up a friend that’s how passionate I am and advised people to follow and sign up! We love you Tamara thanks for all you do for us all!! Don’t delay people sign up today and join this amazing gang and start a beautiful life 💖🌕🌑

  51. Amy (verified owner)

    I have been in the gang for a fair few months now and honestly I’m made up! I am still working on getting in the routine of doing things but when I’m doing it religiously I see results! I have a much better mindset and the breathing and mantras have been a massive help to me in tackling daily life and things which I would really struggle with. Tamara is just the nicest, kindest, most empathetic, real and the most down to earth person I have ever known and she is doing AMAZING things for mental health! Tamara, thank you!

  52. Angie K

    Not Dr Tamara is a ray of freaking sarcastic(not always) sunshine! Her energy and positivity is contagious even through video. I look forward to the morning breath and mantra. Sets the tone for the day. Even though she is a busy woman she makes time for the Gang members. Always replies to messages. I love you Not Dr Tamara! The world needs more of her ❤❤❤

  53. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Tamara’s gang is probably 1 of the best things I have come across. She helps to really give a positive outlook to life and has helped me massively. I love being part of the gang xx

  54. Aimee

    The gang is so simply powerful! Not Dr Tamara is the living embodiment of a kick up the bum that we ALL need!
    Her positivity, support and forceful guidance is everything you need to start the right and keep yourself going!
    I used to wake up feeling flat and dreading the day ahead and all that comes with it, but now I’m excited to check my Lists and do my mantra and spend just a little bit of time on myself each day and it is really showing! Thankyou for your sunshine Tamara! XXX

  55. Cortnie Welch

    Love, love, love this beautiful goddess! She tells you what you need to hear, and helps to keep you motivated. I’ve only been part of the gang for a short period of time, but I feel like I belong and have know Tamara for longer. Blessed to have found her! She is the knew voice of my conscious! ✨☀️💛

  56. India

    I have been in the happy gang for a while now and I can honestly say it has been one of the best choice’s I’ve made.
    Not Dr Tamara is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G – she’s funny, sarcastic, high on life but also really down to earth, understanding & empathic 😂 – truly a woman of many talents🧚‍♀️

    In the happy gang I’ve found the breath & mantra & affirmations have really worked for me!!
    As for the happy journal, it’s literally pure MAGIC💫
    Tamara, you are doing amazing things & as I’ve said to you a trillion times already, I just can not thank you enough. You truly are a god/universal/spiritual/angel send and the world needs more like you💛

    If you struggle with ur mental health or need a reminder of how fantastic you are then this is the place to be. I Promise Tamara will SCREAM at you (in the nicest of ways😁😂) and have your self love and belief right back where it needs to be to live a happy, positive and abundant life 😁🙌🏼

  57. Liv Sol

    On the days when my mind said no,on the days when my heart and soul felt low, in came NotDrTamara with the energy and good vibes of a 1000+ happy soldiers ready to help me fight the internal war I was having. Depression hit me hard during my pregnancy and if it wasn’t for Tamara I believe that I would still be in that dark place and of no service to my child and for that I am truly grateful. My anxiety has been reduced drastically (oregano oil) and I am consciously making healthier lifestyle options based on alot the advice Tamara is giving. You most definitely get what you pay for plus soooo much more. Tamara is truly a gift from the universe that just keeps on giving. Thank youuuuu!!!!

  58. Heids

    Cannot properly recall what my life was like before the gang! Well actually I can. I suffered from several chronic illnesses and the best way to describe my emotion on any given day was sad and overwhelmed! NOT ANYMORE!
    Imagine having a best friend! A best friend that called you every morning with the sole purpose of making sure you had the best day you possibly could! And then checked in through the day to remind you how damn special you are and tips to make your day even better than you thought it could be.! That’s Tamara. She is the best friend everyone deserves! This gang is the best friend everyone deserves! My life is so much better for it! 500 lives are so much better for it! The families and friends of us 500 gangsters are so much better for it.! I never knew one person could change the world single handedly! TAMARA CAN! 🧡

  59. Anna

    Can’t express well enough what Tamara and The happy Gang has done for me but I now have hope and stopped using benzos after years of it. She helped save my life <3

  60. Natalie TL (verified owner)

    I honestly do not know where to being with how and why my life has changed in so many ways for the better since joining the gang. My health has improved, my family life is now just incredible and My business is growing everyday. I do have days when I just don’t want to get up but then I have Tamara screaming down a video with all her positivity, making me do those morning mantras and breath works. Before you know it I’m up and ready to smash the day with my awesomeness and having a successful day. Not everyday goes as planned but nevertheless I’m positive and ready for what the day throws at me. I am so grateful for you and everything you have done for me, my family and my entire life. Thank You Thank You Thank You 💚🧡

  61. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Hello to all the positive people out there, I am a new gang member and I can not tell you how amazing it is to be apart of NDT happy gang!! It’s Sunday and I have received a wonderfully written out message on how to create my list of goals and aspirations for the week. NDT has such a refreshing way to grow my self care regime with positive affirmations and better knowledge and advice on how this crazy world works in mysterious ways. I now love and understand the universe and I love me being in it! NDT has shown so much clarity through her daily wisdom. I’m so excited and thankful for the future and what it’s going to bring through my own personal growth. It’s so nice to feel like Iv got NDT beside me spurring me on, she is so open and honest which is what I love about her. Anyone suffering from any issues with mental blockage must give the gang a go, I am feeling fulfilled, knowledgable and happy. Thank you Tamara xxx

  62. Trish Collins Morgan

    I’ve only been in the HAPPY GANG 😊 for a short amount of time but I’ve noticed a big difference in myself. I’ve done lots of courses, bought most books on self help etc but by far NOT DR TAMARA is the one person that has helped and has been the cheapest too 🤣 my daughter introduced me to the Instagram feed and I knew straight away with her no nonsense attitude, self deprecating humour, sarcasm, fun, straight talking…that I liked her and she would have an impact on me to get shit done ✅ and I wasn’t wrong. I love her, the gang and the person I’ve become in a short time…..mahoosive thanks and what are you waiting for people, just join…you absolutely will not regret it 💕

  63. Sonia

    I love the gang!!! It’s such a refreshing way to deal/Cope with mental health issues. Her daily mantras have really helped me believe in myself more and her weird but wonderful tips and advice have really benifited me not just mentally but financially too.
    And even though Tamara is a busy women she always finds time to get back to me should I need advice with anything.
    She is a whole vibe 💛 her energy is contagious and I love her!! ❤️
    JOIN THE GANG!!!! It’s magic 💥

  64. Megan

    I have now been in the gang for 5 months and I cannot tell you enough how much this gang has helped Tamara is always on it sending videos every morning and always giving you great advice and she definitely takes her time to make you feel better about yourself and is always giving 100% I truly believe she and the universe is magic I’ve learnt so much and just doing these simple things everyday and taking all the advice and help from Tamara has changed my life I really don’t know where I’d be if I was In the gang

  65. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    I have been in the gang for over a year and can’t thank Tamara enough. Her daily positivity has helped me to stay calm in difficult times, focused, happy and feel in control of my emotions and choices. She is a whirlwind of amazing positive energy and will help you to kick start your day with her energised morning video. Her messages will help keep you on track to becoming the best and happiest you and remind you that you control your destiny by the choices that you make. You won’t regret joining The Happy Gang. Tamara is an uplifting soul. Thank you Tamara ✨🙏🌈

  66. Mercedes (verified owner)

    I have been a member of the gang for nearly a year now, and NDT just gives me life every morning. A constant reminder that we have all we need to live a great life but her daily videos and daily inspiration is just what everyone needs to start their day. NDT’s energy I loved straight away and her honesty is so refreshing. Everyone needs to be a member, you start your day in the best way. Tamara is an absolute legend, even with her wild workloads and family life, she’s here spreading the most amount of love and inspiring people all over the world. Love her and this gang 💜💜

  67. Kieva

    I joined the gang three months ago, because I was depressed and I couldn’t get out of my own head. After joining I didn’t tell anyone in my family, because I didn’t want them to think I was loosing my mind. My morning mantras were done after everyone left in the morning. My favorite day is Manifestation Wednesdays. The first Wednesday I mantra I received a call from the bank on a house I wanted to buy. The next Wednesday my daughter received a $10,000 scholarship for university. Another Wednesday I had a meeting with the bank. This Wednesday I wrote a beautiful letter to the Universe and was very specific and BANG the day after I’m a homeowner!!! Thank you Tamara!!!! Thank you Universe! I love you!!! Oh I don’t hide my mantras from my family anymore. They actually secretly listen😊

  68. Kira

    if you’re a teenager join this gang! I’m 17 and i’ve been in the happy gang for just over 7 months. A short back story is that my mum is a heroin addict, and so with the struggles of dealing with this I developed depression, PTSD and panic disorder which have a drastic impact on everyday life. I’ve had to wait 5 months for professional help from CAMHS and Tamaras support has kept me stable and helped me look forward to everyday. Tamara’s daily support, mantras and tips for happiness have helped me manage the symptoms of these and gave me control over my mental health. through the stress of exams and personal life, tamara has been a consistent go to coping mechanism to relieve stress and anxiety. she helps keep you on track and makes sure you are not falling off the wagon when it comes to self care and doing your best for yourself. couldn’t recommend the gang for teenagers more! she’s been the guidance i haven’t had due to the unstable relationship with my parents. thank you for everything. (join the gang teenagers!!!) xxx

  69. Lisa

    Hey Tamara, right we’re do I start! I’ve followed you for a while now after my sister putting me onto you then I joined your business mentoring then I joined your happy gang over 3 months ago now! To say you’ve contributed massively to my mental health, positivity & outlook on life is an understatement! Don’t get me wrong there are days when I slack a bit & don’t do my mantras & breathing but my lists, self love, talking nice to myself, patience and everything else you teach me is now instilled in me and I am eternally grateful! 🙏🏼😘 I don’t think I’ll ever leave the gang as it’s part ov life now & I look forward to my morning motivation off you the night before. Also you have me in pleats laughin which is the best Medicine in my opinion 😭 I’ve gone from takin 100mg ov anxiety Medication a day to 20mg since I’ve been in your gang thanks to YOU! AlsoooI’ve passed my theory test got a job which I’m training for right now & I just feel great about life & all the amazing things Im blessed to have & what more is to come! So thank you for everythin you absolute Angel 😇😘❤️

  70. Sarah (verified owner)

    I joined the gang 1 year ago. I was going through a difficult time and needed some help and encouragement to get me through. Tamara’s gang really has helped me become more Positive and given me the realisation that anything is possible!
    If you need a bit of encouragement and a laugh or 2. Give the gang a go!
    You will not be disappointed 🌈💛

  71. Sheela

    I joined this group because I genuinely liked Tamaras soul and being a mum of two life can get overwhelming and hectic! So thought I’d try it outt,Her daily videos literally helped me keep track of what day it was 😂 helped me remember to breath and just think of and about myself in soo many ways helping me be a lil more selfless by being more selfish with my self care so then being better for those in my care😊 I’m a hermit and hate using my phone something my friends and family have to put up with 🙈 so it’s great it’s like having a best friend you never have to reply too! 😁💚 I now left the group as the flow of mind she helped me with now comes naturally to me! I’m a quite one but thanks soo much for what you do! Authentic and true 🦋🌬💚

  72. Damara (verified owner)

    I joined the gang exactly a year ago and can honestly say it has been the best decision I have ever made. I had been following Tamara for about a year and would constantly watch her videos. Everything she said resonated with me so when I found out about the happy gang I quickly joined. Waking up every morning and doing my morNing mantras with Tamara completely make my day. Tamara is basically part of my family as my 9 year old and I do her mantras together each and every morning! I have learned how to love myself More which was a huge issue for me. I was able to let go of a toxic unhealthy relationship! I even stopped smoking!!! The lists have helped me immensely. They have helped me take control of my life and I’ve been able to accomplish so much more. I am so grateful for Tamara!!! I have learned to be more grateful and stay positive no matter what. Please follow all of the tips she gives you!!! She does this for a reason and each one Benefits you. Thank you so much Tamara. I LOVE the gang!!!! HAPPYGANG 🌈♥️

  73. Leanne

    I found NotDrTamara on Instagram and could not believe I’d found literally my life’s doppelganger 🤣🤣 . Here was a single mother of 5 mixed race kids who has this unapologetic approach to the hard graft of life in today’s world. She shares the same views on empath, diet mental health and holistic 🍁 therapy. Yet she’s so at ease with herself, she has the patience to homeschool..FFS 🤣😱😍 Like how the heck does this woman do all this and run this business? I needed some of that energy in my life which led me to join Tamara’s Happy Gang. At the time I was heavily pregnant with my 6th baby and had forgotten who I was and what I was capable of. Tamara is so honest, open and real with the shit life throws at us, her daily videos and check ins are just what I need to remind me that Im not alone in the struggle and I can do this! Admittedly I still feel like a twat doing the mantras (sorry just being 💯😂) but I do them even if it’s in my head. I use my journal and I look forward to manifesting as much success and happiness Tamara has into my life. It has only been a couple of months as a gang member and I can see the shift in my mindset already. Best fiver I spend every month 💯💯💯

    NOTDRTAMARA You are an inspiration 😘THANK YOU

  74. Genique (verified owner)

    Good evening ☺ Saw one of your videos a few days ago regarding one of your gang members seeing a therapist. Today I had my 1st counselling session after waiting 3 months & I left there feeling emotional, negative & as if I had taken a few steps back. I joined your gang 3 months ago after experiencing a tricky few weeks & wanted something to help me get back on track. I look forward to the morning mantras, breathing techniques & general advice. Although I enjoy it & benefit from being in the Gang I didn’t realise how much until today after counselling. Compared to being in The Happy Gang I really don’t think counselling will benefit me. You have given me tools to help with my anxiety, the books you have recommended have helped me see things in a positive way & I am becoming very aware of the thoughts I put out into the Universe. You have helped me in such a small space of time & I am forever grateful. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you do, you’re truly amazing😘 Sending you lots of love 💕💕

  75. Sarah

    A little bit of magic injected into your life each day. I think we all forget to look after ourselves sometimes and Tamara is a daily reminder of how to love ourselves ❤ I am also now totally obsessed with moon cycles, something I knew nothing about before but yet explains A LOT. I love learning from Tamara. Highly recommended 💫

  76. Lisa (verified owner)

    I can honestly say that i am
    In such a better place than i was before Tamara came into my
    Life! I feel blessed that i found this powerful and magical woman and will be eternally grateful to the universe for our paths being aligned. She just projects happiness and positivity and makes you feel like you are important and loved with genuine feeling and care. I now like myself again and have made so
    Many positive changes to my life all with the help of tamara and her amazing inspiration and motivation. ☮️

  77. Rach

    Tamara has been a huge part of my healing and spiritual journey. Her energy and presence is felt daily and the daily videos and messages have helped me to stay on a positive path

  78. Harley watson (verified owner)

    Happy gang is wonderful, on those days where you just want to cry and hide under your duvet, Tamara challenges you and reminds you to love yourself. For those who desire the motivation to start or continue a spiritual practice and routine, this is the perfect way to get you on track. I’m grateful to this service and for a brilliant price that doesn’t break the bank, which is a tell tale way to know how genuine Tamara is and her desire to help and heal others. Absolutely amazing x

  79. Lucy

    Tamara is amazing, being in the Happy Gang has helped me understand a higher level of achieving great mental health. I can not fault what she does. If you’re willing to put in the effort and commitment your life will be better ✌🏼

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