Join the lovely Tina and NOT Dr. Tamara for their second ‘extra’ Happy Hour and an another vibrant show. This week the girls continue discussing Tamara’s new book ‘The Happy Diet’. The book encompasses everything you need to put you on the path to a happier existence. Last week the girls discussed week 1 and all it entails and this week they cover the other 3 weeks. They talk about the benefits of doing everything the book suggests and how it can lead to many improvements elsewhere. Yoga, meditation, gratitude and tithing are all big subjects this week and Tamara covers not only the basics but how you can practically apply them to your life AND how they can benefit you. Naturally the girls verge of into a few other subjects such as breastfeeding and importance of it. Tamara also talks passionately about the mental health benefits of going vegan as well as the health side. She has been vegan for over a year now, after a few years of being vegetarian and now believes it’s where a lot of our problems lie. Join the girls for another fun discussion and press play now!

The Happy Diet eBook is available to purchase here on Amazon.