Join Not Dr Tamara and the lovely Tina for their brand new vibrant show, ‘Happy Hour’. You will get to meet the girls and hear a bit about their lives-but be warned, there are a few moments where you need to put your tinfoil hat on. Tamara talks about being raised by vegetarian parents but not actually being forced into it herself and how she naturally ended up being a vegan. Tamara talks about many different things, including the her personal hate for facebook, the recent women’s marches and the higher agenda. She also talks openly about her decision to homeschoolTina talks about her own hometown and helping save her grandchildren from the nursery system. Tamara explains how NOT Dr. Tamara was born and what she is trying to do to help the planet. If you don’t know how Tamara got here and want to know why the police raided her at 6am one morning and basically forced her into this (thank goodness), press play now. Join the ladies every Tuesday 10-11pm (repeated Thursday 8-9pm) on for a dose of happiness.