Join NOT Dr. Tamara and the lovely Tina for another unmissable show. If you’re the parent of a teenager this is the show for you! Tamara kicks off the show telling the story of when she joined Plenty of Fish and what happened when she slept with someone signicantly younger than her. She talks frankly and openly about her experience and how it differed from any sex she had had before. She explains how she feels sex in the younger generation has become like something from a violent porno and that experience is what inspired this show and it encouraged her to talk openly to her own son about sex and the misleading messages in porn. The girls discuss everything from the problems with 50 shades of grey to the darker sides of porn. They talk about the extremities of porn and how deep the rabbit hole goes.  They talk about their own experiences of peer pressure as young girls and the different pressure young people face today. Music, sex education and circumcision are just some of the other things the girls touch upon in this full frontal show. Listen now!