Join NOT Dr Tamara this week for another show about homeschooling. Prompted by the many questions she received from her Instagram followers, she decided it was time to do another show about it (the first show she did on homeschooling is here). She starts the show by revisiting the many reasons she has chosen to homeschool her youngest 3 children. These include (amongst other things) what she believes to be the deliberate dumbing of children and the racist issues children are still facing today. Tamara is a firm believer in the power of homeschooling but she readily admits that it is not for everyone. She discusses how it may or may or not work for you and goes over the pros and cons realistically. She continues the hour by answering the main questions she gets about homeschooling, such as; Why? How? Where? She gives info on the groups and classes available for homeschooled children and answers the number 1 question homeschoolers get: ‘but how do they socialise?’ And the answer is a good one. As always Tamara humour and ‘different’ outlook make for an interesting show. Press play for another unmissable hour!