Join NOT Dr. Tamara for her very first solo show. This week she talks about a subject she is very passionate about: Veganism. 

Tamara has been vegan-ish for over a year now and after experiencing such positive effects in her own life, she wants to share with others just how much it has helped her. Her periods were the first thing she realised improved greatly. She started to notice a correlation between eating milk chocolate and particularly painful periods and attributes that to the awful process the cows are going through to produce the milk. She also talks about how since her eldest son went dairy free at 18 months, he has not had a cold since (almost 12 years!). She discusses the many other dangers of milk and you can read the rest of the article she cites here:

This show is full of legitimate reasons as why you should be vegan for your mind, body and soul. However Tamara readily admits that being vegan is not easy the easiest thing to do in the world. In this show she covers the very real reasons as to why she chose to be vegan and why they far outweigh the reasons to not be. One of the reasons is the dark fact that human meat has been found in the food supply chain before. She argues that if you are prepared to eat any meat you should not have a problem with eating another human, as meat is meat at the end of the day. 

Tamara explains all the benefits the planet reaps when people go vegan. You can find more on the benefits of going vegan here:

This was not a show to be missed-especially if you love the planet! 

Listen now to find out the many other reasons Tamara went vegan and where she gets her protein from! (Hint* it’s the the same place the animals get theirs) 

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