Join NOT Dr. Tamara for her most difficult show to date. As you are all probably aware, Tamara does not hold anything back. She has been open and frank from the beginning and she recently went through something that shook her whole being. As some of you may know, Tamara had a brother that died when he was just a few days old. This painful past was brought abruptly into the present after Tamara’a best friend gave birth to her daughter a few weeks ago. Little Lottie-Bleu was born and due to the hospitals negligence, when being born she was starved of oxygen which left her severely brain damaged. This was the same fate her own brother suffered and then subsequently died, however this was not to be little Lottie’s fate. After being told she would not make it past a few days she miraculously pulled through and is fighting on. This whole situation however caused Tamara a giant heartbreak. Having to watch her best friend go through the same ordeal her own parents did and knowing what it feels like AND reliving her own situation again caused Tamara to go through a healing process she never went through when her own brother died. Tamara talks openly about how it affected her and explains why she has been MIA for a few weeks. Now whilst this was not the happiest of starts to ‘The Happy Hour’ the mood did lift in the second part of the show when Tamara tells us all about the natural things she is using at the moment, from nootropics (fancy brain/smart drugs) to home brewed Kombucha. As always this is not a show to be missed-press play now!


Because of the life long support and care Lottie-Bleu is going to need, we are raising funds to support her and all the care she needs. We are holding a fundraising event on 28th July and if you have anything you could donate to the raffle or even something big for our auction please email me at alternatively if you wish to donate some money you can do so here

All help is much appreciated X