Join NOT Dr. Tamara and the lovely Tina for another vibrant and informative show. Tina kicks off by telling everyone about her recent experience in a float tank. She explained the many health benefits as well as how relaxing it was. She was particularly amazed at how long the effects were lasting for as well, having been in a state of bliss still, days after the going in the tank. Tamara had her own amazing story to share as well about her new found obsession ‘colloidal copper’. Having met a wonderful woman that handcrafts all her own hemp and wildflower products AND makes her own colloidal silver, copper and gold, she has started using it religiously everyday with what she says are amazing results. Copper has been used for many years and historically by women renowned for their beauty such as cleopatra to help promote and maintain their good looks. The copper itself tightens skin and encourages the production of new skin cells and Tamara can’t stop banging on about it! She also explains the other benefits of colloidal copper such as its anti inflammatory properties. The girls talk about all things relaxing such as infra red saunas and going for massages. 

Tina talks about how her partner healed himself in a few days from an ongoing cough that was persisting in other friends and family for weeks, with nothing other than colloidal silver and honey and lemon. Tamara talks about her facial routine (or lack of) and the new things she is using on her face and how happy she is. She also talks about how she has started taking wild blue green algae again and why. (You can read about Tamara’s personal experience with algae here). As always this was not a show to be missed, press play and listen now!