Join the girls for another informative show. This sow is all about how you can reduce your stress levels. Stress is the biggest killer and the number one problems in doctors offices. It is the precursor to most disease and illness and Tamara is passionate about helping people to lower their stress levels. Of course the number one thing the girls use to alleviate their own stress is cannabis and Tamara kicks the show off with a little CBD and THC education. They discuss the psychoactive properties of it and why some strains can send you a bit bonkers. Tamara talks about the many different things you can do to help your stress levels. She talks about perspective and how that can help you cope with many things and how her favourite question to ask when the shit hits the fan is ‘but did you die?’. Tamara measure her problems via this question and generally fm finds that if the answer is no then it is not really worth stressing over. Her and Tina talk about the power of deep breathing and how acknowledging our breath and becoming conscious of it can really help to keep you calm. Tamara explains how sleeping outside for a week can help to reset your circadian rhythm as if you don’t sleep properly it will inevitably lead to feeling stressed. 

Tamara talks about the importance of how you must release all your pent up frustration and anger. She talks again about how pent up emotions cause so many problems. She talks about how important it is to shed this ‘spiritual fat’ so it can no longer harm you. The girls discuss the importance of forgiveness and learning to move on. Tamara talks about how important it is as a mother to make sure you are the happiest and how it is not selfish, it is actually necessary for the well-being of everyone else in the family. 

They discuss work stress and how absurd it is all in the name of money. Tamara suggests looking at someone like Mark the Moneyless man for things to do to stop needing so much. They discuss many other weird and wonderful things and this really is another unmissable show (and if you want to know what happened when Tamara got chlamydia AND arrested as a teenager)…download now.