Do you know what I love most about the moon? It’s that every month (moonth) we get a new opportunity to start again. Think of your months as little tiny years, each month having a spring, summer, Autumn and winter. The week of the full moon is the summer of our month and when we have the most energy. It’s also why people tend to go a bit mad. As not many people track the moon they don’t understand how it’s energy is effecting them. There is such a huge amount of energy that comes with a full moon that if you’re not aware of it, you may think you’re going mad and put your energy to bad use. Most women either ovulate or menstruate at that time, things can start to get crazy. If however you are aware of when the full moon falls, you can start to use it to your advantage. It’s definitely not a time for crazy and being aware that the moon is full is beneficial to you because you know not to act on any heightened energy you may be feeling. The full moon is a time of harvest and a time to celebrate with loved ones. Make plans to see friends and family, maybe even have a little full moon gathering and all get together for some fun. The week of the new moon however is like the winter of our month. It is the perfect time energetically to set new intentions. The energy just after the new moon is all that you need to fuel a new project or goal. Many farmers will plant seeds at this time as those with the knowledge know that it will help to encourage a speedier and more healthy growth. What this means for you, is that for 2-3 days after the moon has turned to new, all goal/intention setting you do will be given the super power and magnetic energy of the new growing moon. It’s also good to be aware that this is a time for relaxing and hibernating as you would in winter. Depending on which cycle you are on you will either menstruate or ovulate on or around the new moon and as its a time when energy is very low on the planet, time is best spent quietly, reflecting on the month and dreaming up goals for the future.

How to set good intentions and make new moon wishes:

Start by finding some quiet time and space. Light a candle and maybe smudge your area. You need to have something to write in/on. I have a few beautiful notebooks and letter paper I like to write special things on. Here is where you need to sit and think for a while: What are your ‘end’ goals? What is it you want to achieve this month to get there? Start writing a list with these things on. Really put all intentions into writing it with passion. When you have finished your lists, sit for a while and take time to absorb your writing. Next give thanks to the moon for helping to supercharge your intentions. Then you can (if it’s safe to) tare out the lists and set fire to the paper, burn it all and give thanks for your intention/wish/goal being completed already. That may sound odd but if you can get into the place of already having AND no longer needing the things you desire, it will come to you at lightening speed. Wishes are kind of like buses, the more you worry about where they are, the longer they take to turn up. Trust the universe has your back, know what you want is already yours and be grateful like it’s happening already.
After you have done this, you can sit and meditate under the new moon for a while. When you have finished, thank the moon for its energy and carry on with your life knowing you have the power of the moon on your side and wait for the magic to unfold……..