For many years now I have been a firm believer that positivity and a good attitude to life can literally get you anything and take you anywhere you want. I have however had to learn this the hard way.

I know positivity works because for quite a few years I lived such a miserable existence and I was such a horrible, negatively draining person, that it was literally being reflected in my life. Bad people, bad experiences, bad situations, it was all just very bad and it all stayed very bad until someone close to me handed me a life changing book: The Secret. It was given to me at what was possibly the lowest point of my life. I remember feeling almost suicidal at the time, but my friend begged me to read it. At this point I had nothing to left lose, so I took the book and went home and sat on the kitchen floor of my bedsit and you know what? I read the WHOLE book cover to cover in about 4 hours. Never has a book changed me so quickly and when I say quickly I mean quickly. Do not assume The Secret lacks substance because I read it so quickly, quite the contrary, it is so profound that I have continued to read bits of it every now and then, over and over again, for the last 10 years. I was just so moved by what I read and so compelled to keep reading until it was finished as I knew it was what I needed in my life so desperately. 

The Secret is a very interesting and spiritually enlightening book. On the surface you may think it’s all about attracting cars and houses but it’s really not. If you accept The Secret and it’s philosophies, you are essentially accepting that you; we; me; I; ALL OF US, we all to a certain extent create our own existence and are all part of a collective ‘One’. The Secret teaches that not only are we part of a collective ‘One’, it says it is our own fault that we are living a miserable existence as its all due to our attitude towards our life, the decisions we make and how we treat others. The Secret makes you start to take responsibility for your own happiness. It made me realise my attitude to life and how I start each day are especially important. You know when you wake in a bad mood and then one thing after another happens as your mood continues to get worse? Yes well the best thing you can do is get back into bed, lie back and think about what you are grateful for and what you love. This will shift you and your whole day into a better place. After you are smiling, then you may leave your bed and start your day, knowing it will be a great one. A positive start to the day is not something to be overlooked either, as when you make a genuine conscious effort to have a good attitude you actually do effect your life. If something bad happens I now refuse to get angry or upset as I know it will just get just get worse from there. 


The Secret was full of mind changing advice and essentially it’s about living a certain ‘way’ that will help us to lead more positive and productive lives. A way I now live almost religiously and a way that have infinitely made my life better. I now know that things don’t happen without a reason and when you become familiar with the secret and adopt it’s philosophies you start to see the reasons and coincidences and you realise you have a friend you can’t see. The Universe. The Universe is just like our best friend. It respond to us and assumes whatever we are experiencing we like. It then tries to give us more of it, so if you are having a difficult day, the universe looks at you and says ‘oh you like that? Have some more!’ Think about that for a second. The universe can tell no difference between good and bad it just reacts to frequencies. We omit a frequency with every thought and emotion we have. If it’s a good frequency it will line up and connect with the same frequency and you will continue to have a wonderful day HOWEVER the same works for bad thoughts and feelings. The universe will respond to you and how your are feeing and if it’s bad it will line up and attach to more bad things. This is why I promote happiness so much, as being happy is productive and is the only way to achieve success (in my opinion) as a happy person has happy thoughts and happy thoughts attract to….. you guessed it – HAPPY THINGS! 

A lot of my life has changed for the better since reading The Secret and I could not recommend it more especially if you have more bad days than good. Social scientists are starting to prove more and more that the way you look at life and the attitude you take as well as certain actions are the key to creating and living a better life for yourself. 

The Secret not only changed my life, it most definitely helped to save it and it put me on a path that would eventually lead me here. I owe a special gratitude to The Secret and recommend it to EVERYONE, young and old. My eldest has his own copy and my younger ones watch it on DVD and it’s always my ‘go to’ gift for friends that haven’t already got a copy! You can visit their website and see the way it has helped others to change their lives for the better. You can buy The Secret book and The Secret dvd here.

I personally was inspired so much by The Secret and it changed my life so much that now 10 years later, I have written my own book. I was inspired to write ‘The Happy Diet’ because just like Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret) I too want to help the world and humanity have a happier existence. My book is a blueprint for happiness and whilst it’s absolutely nothing like The Secret and its teachings, its aim is still the same-to help the reader; and humanity, have a better life. The Happy Diet is an easy-to-follow 4 week plan and its recommended to anyone that wants to live more happily. In it you will discover my formula for true happiness and what I have learned we need to be truly at peace. The Happy Diet helps you develop habits and practices that will not only help you clear your mind and soul; it will completely turn your life around. Purchase The Happy Diet: A Complete Blueprint For A Happier Existence… now.

Stay happy and stay productive x