Value your vagina, heal your YONIverse

Do you value your vagina? Do you ever just look at it and say ‘wow, you have the capacity to birth a new universe and you totally ROCK’? Because I do. As strange as it may seem to talk to my lady bits, firstly, I am a single woman and if I don’t talk to my yoni; no one will and secondly, it deserves talking too. It’s been through a lot; it’s full of magic, and it deserves praise. It’s given birth to 4 children and has the power to give more. It’s truly amazing what our Yoni’s can do and it’s high time we start respecting them.

So have you ever considered the energy you store in your yoni? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for ‘temple’ and that’s exactly what our vaginas are; a temple. The spiritual cleansing of our lady bits, I believe, is a lost art. I really cannot stress how important it is to cleanse our Yoni’s regularly, ESPECIALLY if you have been entertaining ‘bad spirits’ down there. Over time, I believe our vaginas, just like our stomachs, can become filled with the bacteria we most regularly feed it. Bacteria have a memory and they tend to want what you feed them the most. If you regularly eat rubbish, your body will crave more rubbish as that’s what the parasites that live within you want-MORE of the same rubbish. Yes I said parasites. This is not the place to go into it, but we all have parasites and they breed and multiply if you don’t ever do anything to get rid of them. The same goes for the insides of our lady parts. If you have regularly entertained ‘fuckboys’ (the new word for men that lie, cheat and are generally just rubbish) only to be left heartbroken and wondering why you STILL attract and crave the same idiots, the chances are you need a vaginal cleanse to rid your body of the parasites and negative energy. Remember like energy attracts like energy and if you are storing up bad energy in your yoni, it’s going to keep making you feel like you want to be with the guys/gals you know are no good. A spiritually transmitted disease is a very real thing and you should always choose your partner carefully. You are exchanging ‘life-force’ energy and it’s vital you both have good intentions and the exchange is a loving one. The partners we choose will leave their energy in us and if it’s not good energy it will be harmful to us in the long run.

Past Experiences 

If you are storing up painful energy in your yoni from past trauma such as sexual assault or abuse, it is even more important you cleanse yourself to avoid the energy possibly turning itself into a physical disease. Things like sexual abuse in your childhood could possibly lead to something like cancer in your cervix. You may have never thought about our bodies connection to physical diseases but it’s all connected and definitely all relative. Have you ever experienced sexual trauma? Or do you feel like sex is something that is dirty? These are feelings that can be caused by the energy you are holding down there. A vaginal cleanse is vital for you and I will try and offer some ways in which you can do this. If you want to hear about my own personal experience of sexual trauma and how I healed myself, you can listen to my podcast about it:


How to Heal + Cleanse Your Yoni:

Vaginal Steaming

Firstly I only know a bit about vaginal steaming so it’s better I let an actual expert explain. The following was taken from here . You can go can read the full article as it’s very informative. I have put the ‘necessaries’ here.

Vaginal Steam 🌕

“Steams can assist in healing a wide variety of gynaecological issues. They are very effective at enhancing fertility, and assisting in postpartum recovery. 

You can work with just one plant, or a combination of herbs. As with any use of herbal medicine, you can achieve a broader effect by combining the actions & energies of several plants. Here are some suggested formulas that can help you address specific situations, keeping in mind that for more serious conditions, vaginal steams should be part of a larger healing protocol in order to affect lasting change. 

Long / irregular cycles: Oregano, basil, and mugwort. Helps bring on the blood.

Scanty bleeding: Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort. During the last week of the cycle.

Painful menstrual cramps: Motherwort, basil, and lavender. During the last week of the cycle.

Enhance fertility: Oregano, motherwort, and rosemary. Steam 3 consecutive days starting at the end of menstruation / right after you are done bleeding. You can repeat the last week of the cycle, but only if you are not trying to conceive that cycle. Steaming is contraindicated during the second half of the cycle if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

PCOS / Ovarian cysts: Rosemary, motherwort and lavender. 

Endometriosis: Oregano, motherwort, yarrow, and rose petals. 

Fibroids: Motherwort, basil and calendula. Can be done every 2 weeks, but contraindicated altogether if there is very heavy flooding menses, as steaming can increase bleeding. 

Adhesions / blocked fallopian tubes: Oregano, rosemary, and mugwort. 

Bladder / vaginal infections: Yarrow, oregano, lavender and calendula. Steam 2 days, wait a few days, if symptoms persist, repeat. If symptoms appear to worsen, discontinue.

Postpartum: Oregano, calendula, motherwort, and basil. Steam 3 consecutive days within 9 days of the vaginal birth. Okay to do while bleeding. Check with your midwife first. Wait at least 6 weeks after a cesarean section birth.

Perineal tear / scars / episiotomy : Calendula, lavender and yarrow. Wait until wounds are closed and stitches have been removed.

Menopause: Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort. Steam several times after the end of cyclical bleeding. Helps empty out the uterus completely before bleeding stops for good.

Menopausal dryness: Lavender, calendula, and chamomile. 


Situations where vaginal steams should be avoided:

  • While bleeding (in most situations, except postpartum)

  • During a fever

  • While pregnant, or if there is any possibility of #pregnancy

  • With an IUD

  • With extremely heavy flooding menses

  • With any open cuts / wounds / stitches

  • During a herpes outbreak

  • With chronic candida or recurrent yeast infections

When to do vaginal steams

The schedule I generally recommend for vaginal steams is to do them 3 days in a row, during the last week of your cycle. Note that when I use the word “cycle” I am referring to the entire fertility cycle (averaging 28-30 days), not just menstruation. I like doing steams later in the evening so that I can go to bed shortly after finishing the steam. You can do the 3 day routine of vaginal steams once a year for maintenance, or every cycle for deep rooted issues. 

Some even recommend doing a steam every other day all cycle long for more serious conditions, for a more powerful cleanse & detox. This can be very beneficial for women struggling with infertility, but it is important to note that steaming all cycle long should only be done during a cycle where you are NOT trying to conceive’ 

How to Heal + Cleanse your Yoni: USING THE COLOUR RED

Our sex organs are related to our root chakra, arguably the most important chakra and it’s represented by the colour is red. Healing this chakra will help to renew the energy in your yoni.  By surrounding yourself with red in your life, especially when you perform mediations, you will be greatly increasing your Yoni’s healing ability. Eating red foods, wearing red clothes, all of that will help to heal your root chakra.

How to Heal + Cleanse your Yoni: GUIDED MEDITATION

•Create a warm, quiet space and light a red candle. A red scarf to wrap around your middle would be helpful too. Make sure you won’t be interrupted. Sit cross legged with your back to something if you need to. 

•Begin by taking a very long, deep, breath in through your nose. Make sure the air goes into your stomach and not your chest. You may need to spend some time practicing this as most of us breathe from our chests, but take some time and make sure your stomach is filling up with air as your breath. Breath out through your nose, again slowly.

•Repeat 3 times. 

•Next as you breathe in, imagine a red ball of light is pulsing in front of you. Imagine this light is pouring into your yoni. As you breathe out, imagine you are breathing out anything negative you may have stored down there. Feel the red light warming you inside. Imagine and feel that you are breathing it into your whole being. Any thoughts you have just blow them away and just concentrate on the bad energy leaving your body everytime you breathe out. Keep breathing in the red light. When your are breathing in try and imagine the breath is one with the red light and breath it into your yoni, imagine it going through you, cleansing and healing your being. Allow the light to pass through you and keep breathing it in and out of your Yoni. 

•When you are ready, bring yourself back to awareness and slowly get up. Rotate your hips clockwise 12 times and loudly affirm:  ‘I rejoice in who I am. I love my body. I love my yoni and I love myself!’ And smile because you are amazing. 

Try and perform this mediation once a month around the full moon. This will help to keep your root chakra spinning happily.

How to Heal + Cleanse your Yoni: ABSTINENCE 

No it’s not just for nuns! Finally, I personally believe abstinence is the best thing you can do to have a proper spiritual and sexual cleanse. Sexual energy is very underrated and since my latest vow of abstinence, I have written a book! That’s testament to the energy we can harness from down there and what can happen if we put it to good use. I made a short video on this you can watch for further information (or if you hate reading!). You can build up so much power from ‘abstaining’ and if you can do it, abstaining every now and then can have HUGE benefits.

Have a beautiful day and remember to love your Yoni… 


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