Join NOT Dr. Tamara and the lovely Tina for this weeks show. This week the girls are discussing all things natural and alternative. This show is dedicated to everything Tamara uses to keep her children healthy and happy should they ever get sick. Currently her eldest son has been suffering with warts on his finger and she explains how she has been using apple cider vinegar to treat them and how amazed she has been at how quick it has worked. She talks about her new favourite ‘cure all’ colloidal silver. She has been using to cure everything from coughs and colds to wrinkles. She uses it in almost all situations and recently has been using it for her crows feet! She talks about the simple magic of drinking raw honey and lemon when you have a sore throat and how the power of drinking it daily can help keep your immune system fighting fit in the winter. Her daughter has suffered with eczema since she was small and she discusses how she got that under control by eliminating things such as fabric softener and she says removing dairy products from her diet is what has cleared it up completely.  They both love coconut oil and they talk about the 100’s of amazing things it does. Tina talks about her success with using coconut oil on her hair to thicken it up and how she loves using it in cooking. Tamara talks about her ‘no poo’ diet and how she no longer uses shampoo and how using castile soap has helped to spur her own hair growth. Press play now to find out what Tina has been doing with some balls!