I hear a lot from mummies about allergies, eczema, asthma and skin conditions. Allergies and eczema are a massive issue that a lot of children are suffering with and I want to discuss those as I believe them to be very important. The allergies we face today come from a whole host of outside influences. Pollution, vaccines, medicines, toxic food, cleaning products, stratosphericgeoengineering (chemtrails), etc; we are literally bombarded with toxicity EVERYDAY. I am not a doctor let me stress that, but I have conducted years of my own studying and research into the things that are causing us to be sicker as a nation and drawn my own conclusions. Children are sensitive beings and delicate souls and from the moment they are born there is an attack on their immune system from pollution in the air, from things such as car fumes. They are then subjected to an unnecessary toxic assault in the form of vaccines, toxic clothing, plastics, metals in the air, dangerous chemicals in laundry and body products in their bath. Expert have proven time and time again that many of the chemicals in our everyday products and certain vaccine ingredients are not safe. Other factors such as laundry powder and cleaning products play a huge role in the allergies our children have. My daughter is so allergic to fabric softener that I have resorted to using plain vinegar and would you believe her eczema cleared up significantly AND I’m saving a bucket of money! (And yes it works just as well as normal softener). Fabric softener and many of other products we use on a daily basis contain so many ingredients that are so chemically gross that I cannot even pronounce them! I really think they should never be used around anyone, especially not anywhere near our children. I used to find that bleach would give me a headache and my kitchen spray would have my nose tingling. About a year ago I swapped all my cleaning products for a simple plant based multi purpose spray from an amazing little company called Method. No headaches, no sneezing, it smells AMAZING and cleans just as well if not better than the previous toxic crap I had. My daughters eczema was calmed by all of these measures, but, interestingly her eczema has completely gone away since she has stopped eating all dairy products. Yes cutting or dairy may seem a task, but it’s so bad for us that it’s well worth finding healthier alternatives that have less of a negative impact on our health.

All of these things may seem like big changes, but if you make these changes gradually, over time, you won’t even feel like its a big deal and you’ll be saving so much money and feeling so much better that you will be glad you did!