The word on everyone’s lips today is VAGINAS. NOT Dr. Tamara and Tina are talking all things of a goddess nature in this show. Tamara discusses the suppression of the most natural thing in the world: menstruation, and how, its suppression is how the few evil men are keeping control of the world. She covers all sorts from replacing tampons with mooncups to how to use your moon blood (menstruation blood) to help save the planet. She also talks about the moon and how it effects not only our cycle but many others things as well. Tina talks openly about how she was taught to hide her femininity with her family and how it now effects the way she raises her own daughter. She also talks about her new favourite man- Dr. Axe. His website is a hub of knowledge and all things holistically health related and Tina swears he is helping her through her own mental battles with menstruation and menopause.
Tamara goes into super weird territory and discusses all sorts from Yoni eggs to the health benefits of drinking her own menstrual blood full of stem cells and all the magical powers it can bring… This is not a show to miss, hit the share button and download now!