Join NOT Dr. Tamara + Tina this week as they discuss all aspects of metaphysical healing. Tamara discusses one of her favourite books called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by the wonderful Louise L Hay and talks about her story and the effect it has had on her life. Tamara believes people experience dis-ease because they are storing up feelings from past emotional trauma and those feeling turn into things like cancer and all sorts. Tamara talks about her own experience of sexual assault and how not dealing with it affected her mentally as well as physically. She explains how she had to learn the hard way what happens if you don’t deal with your issues, whatever they may be. The girls discuss ‘energy vampires’ and people that are draining to be around. Tamara thinks that we tend to draw these people to ourselves because of how we feel. The girls talk openly about a lot of other things from childhood issues to past relationship. This is not a show to miss, especially if you are going through your own healing process.