Is weed a gateway drug? The question is the gateway to what? Happiness? Food? Fun? Its certainly not crack.

Join NOT Dr. Tamara and Tina as they discuss exactly what is through the gateway as they delve deep into all things cannabis. From the absurdity of it being a natural growing ancient healing plant that is illegal only for political reasons, to the many tinctures and extracts you can make. Tamara talks about the extraction process itself and the different types of fat you can work with and the various ways in which you can use them.

Tamara briefly (and badly) covers a scientific study conducted by Dr Dreher on mothers who used cannabis whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. She discusses the facts and that the study surprisingly found that children were more intelligent from the mothers that had used cannabis. Tamara attributes her own children’s intelligence partly to her own partition in cannabis whilst pregnant. Tina talks about how much it has helped people she knows with healing all sort of different health issues. They talk about the stresses of life and how smoking can ease many of them and how cannabis helps to dissolve all bad feelings, which is what they believe makes it such a powerful plant. This is not a show to be missed! If you have any questions or suggestions, please me get in contact.