Join NOT Dr. Tamara and the lovely Tina for this weeks show. Tamara is super passionate about how she raises her children. Natural is the way forward for her and her family and she and Tina discuss all the things she does to try and keep them nice and healthy. Tamara discusses what her children eat and drink the problems with ingesting anything other than water and whole fresh foods. Aspartame is one of Tamara’s most hated additives EVER and she talks about some of the side effects and dangers of drinking it and her annoyance that it is banned in most other countries but not hers. She talks about how also hates dairy products and explains how Amelia’s eczema has cleared up since being cheese free. She also shares the story of how after cutting out milk from her eldest sons diet years ago she cleared an ‘un-clearable’ cold and he has not had a cold since. They discuss everything from breastfeeding to vaccinating (or NOT vaccinating in Tamara’s case) to Tina’s love of plant based milk that Tamara says tastes like cows arse! If you’re trying to raise happy, healthy children this is an unmissable show!