This weeks Happy Hour was a very special show and had a very special guest. Freeman Jack of the Psychonautulus joined the girls to explain all about the gut microbiome and the effect they have not only the food choices we make, but our thought processes and the actions we take too. Jack explains how the gut microbiome we have are formed from whatever we were fed as young children. He breaks down the function of the microbiome and explains the scary fact that these bacteria are actually so large in numbers and strength that they can cause you to not only act irrationally, but they have the power to try and actually kill you if you do not feed them what they desire. They all discuss how becoming a vegan and the removing meat from your diet suddenly can cause an almost anarchic reaction from your gut microbiome. These bacteria want what they know and they will go to any means to get it. However as always mind trumps matter and the gang discuss how you can fight these bacteria and slowly kill them off by feeding them a small amount of what they want while the good bacteria have a chance to grow bigger and stronger, all the while being strong mentally and applying mindfulness. Jack suggests a high probiotic diet and the intake of a lot of ‘available’ foods such as mashed potatoes and porridge oats to help good bacteria thrive. History was also made as Tamara suggested to Jack that the endocrine system and the chakra system are linked and Jack admitted Tamara had actually taught him something for once! They vaguely discuss the zombie apocalypse should red meat ever be banned but as always Tamara is positive some happy thoughts will save us all… And jack had to agree that could be slightly true. Chemtrails, nitrous poisoning and hayfever were also featured in this weeks show, there is so much to learn, do not miss out and download now!