As a mother of 4 children that I have tried to raise as holistically and naturally as possible I have over the years educated myself on what else is available to those who don’t want to use ‘over the counter’ medication. I believe western medicine has its benefits BUT and this is a big but, a lot of it has detrimental after effects that are harmful to our children and if we can avoid giving them strong medications before their system can handle it then that is preferable. Luckily mother nature has many remedies to offer us that seek those alternatives. My 3rd child Neo had very bad colic. He was born slightly underweight and with a baby hernia. Being the person I am I knew when the doctors said it was ‘normal’ I knew it certainly was not. A hernia of any degree is from stress whatever way we choose to look at it. His father had been having an affair whilst I was pregnant and I had got quite stressed whilst being carrying him. I had lost a lot of weight and in my last trimester I was lighter in weight than before I was pregnant. The stress I was under undoubtedly transferred to my son. Someone had told me that if you are stressed and cry a lot when you’re pregnant that this can make your baby very unsettled for the first 6 months. This made so much sense to me and I felt so bad knowing I was the main reason this had happened. I knew I had caused the Hernia and when he got colic I knew that was also part of the stress. I never wanted to cry about the situation I was in as I didn’t want my other children to know I was broken so I didn’t. But it’s almost as if Neo picked up my tears and cried them himself. It was not the best time and in hindsight it was probably more to do with my sadness at losing his dad than anything medical. There were however a few things that I discovered whilst trying to ‘fix’ his colic and a few that really worked. As we know I am not a doctor but some of the following I have found through research and my own trials that they do work and can offer much needed relief.  


Firstly it’s important to know what is causing this problem. A quick look into the causes of reflux and you can see an aversion to dairy products is common factor. If you are breastfeeding try to eliminate/cut down all dairy you have. If formula fed, maybe consider moving to a diary free version. Nuts and other allergies can also be the cause, so as boring as it may be of you are breastfeeding for the next few months your diet needs to be quite alkaline based and very healthy. 

Homeopathy: Nat Phos 6x

Homeopathy is often seen as magic when all else has failed. It’s actually not magic but well worth considering. Nat Phos is a naturally occurring cell salt that we produce to aid digestion. It can however be insufficient in babies. Taking Nat Phos 6x can rapidly improve your babies reflux and it’s completely safe to use. You can crush one tablet into a few ml of milk and give immediately after every feed to stop the reflux. If this is not effective, please note that Nat Phos 6x is often taken along side Nux Vom and or arnica HOWEVER I am not a homeopath and as I am not sure of your babies exact condition, I cannot advise properly. It would be relatively cheap and easy to get a consultation from a homeopath and something to maybe consider as homeopathy is HUGELY effective at providing relief. 


Often the digestive problems can be caused by poor alignment caused by birth trauma. Seeing a chiropractor that deals with babies is well worth considering. He or she will be able to gently realign your baby and that can help the problem to completely cease.

Fennel Tea

Fennel is a very old, tried and trusted remedy for reflux. It eases the stomach and the digestive process. If you are breastfeeding you can drink fennel tea yourself. It ideally needs to be drunk 15 mins before you feed baby. 

If you are not breastfeeding you can make up the tea and give to your baby in diluted amounts. Steep a tea bag for 15-20 mins and then add 2oz of tea to 2oz of water to a bottle to feed your baby. You can use in place of water. 

Chamomile tea 

Chamomile is another ancient, tried and trusted remedy. It works to calm the stomach and relax the baby in general. This will help with sleeping and the babies mood. Again it can be drunk by you if breastfeeding or a diluted version can be made up for the baby. Chamomile tea before a feed will really help. It is rare and unlikely but should a rash occur, stop using the tea. This is what worked best for my Neo. An ounce or 2 before his feed or when I drank it made a HUGE difference, it really was a god-send. 

Magic tea 

There are specially blended teas you can buy that combine a lot of powerful herbs mentioned above. You may like to try one of these. This is a blend that I can personally recommend: Neuners Baby Stomach Ease


Baby massage can be helpful on many levels. Firstly it can help digestion by regularly massaging the stomach and secondly it is hugely relaxing and beneficial to your babies wellbeing. It will help you build a bond with your baby and give you both special time together. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube under ‘baby reflux tummy massage’.


You are so very important in this process. If you are not happy, you are not properly able to care for the rest of your family. In spite of what you may think, YOU are the most important as you are the string that holds your family together. That can be overwhelming and some times the feelings you get when your baby wont stop crying and you just want to put your head through a wall but you can’t as its not appropriate to act like a child when trying to console one BUT you still want to-that feeling is what you need to know will end. It all ends so quickly and please bare that in mind because it really does end and quickly. They will soon grow up and move out and you will look back and wish they could be that tiny ball of small screaming madness because you will find it is way more manageable and WAY cuter than what comes later believe me. However for now it is important to break occasionally so you don’t go insane. You need to try and have half an hour a day to YOURSELF. Or for one day a week you need to get away from it all. One or other or both if you can. But you must find time for you. A bath, a massage, a walk, a scream, 26 shots of vodka, whatever you fancy just make sure you get a regular break. Husband, partner, friends, family, whoever can help, ask them and I’m sure they will be more willing than you think. Remember nothing lasts forever.