Healing Eczema and Other Allergies

I hear a lot from mummies about allergies, eczema, asthma and skin conditions. Allergies and eczema are a massive issue that a lot of children are suffering with and I want to discuss those as I believe them to be very important. The allergies we face today come from a whole host of outside influences. Pollution, vaccines, medicines, toxic food, cleaning products, stratosphericgeoengineering (chemtrails), etc; we are literally bombarded with toxicity EVERYDAY. I am not a doctor let me stress that, but I have conducted years of my own studying and research into the things that are causing us to be sicker as a nation and drawn my own conclusions. Children are sensitive beings and delicate souls and from the moment they are born there is an attack on their immune system from pollution in the air, from things such as car fumes. They are then subjected to an unnecessary toxic assault in the form of vaccines, toxic clothing, plastics, metals in the air, dangerous chemicals in laundry and body products in their bath. Expert have proven time and time again that many of the chemicals in our everyday products and certain vaccine ingredients are not safe. Other factors such as laundry powder and cleaning products play a huge role in the allergies our children have. My daughter is so allergic to fabric softener that I have resorted to using plain vinegar and would you believe her eczema cleared up significantly AND I’m saving a bucket of money! (And yes it works just as well as normal softener). Fabric softener and many of other products we use on a daily basis contain so many ingredients that are so chemically gross that I cannot even pronounce them! I really think they should never be used around anyone, especially not anywhere near our children. I used to find that bleach would give me a headache and my kitchen spray would have my nose tingling. About a year ago I swapped all my cleaning products for a simple plant based multi purpose spray from an amazing little company called Method. No headaches, no sneezing, it smells AMAZING and cleans just as well if not better than the previous toxic crap I had. My daughters eczema was calmed by all of these measures, but, interestingly her eczema has completely gone away since she has stopped eating all dairy products. Yes cutting or dairy may seem a task, but it’s so bad for us that it’s well worth finding healthier alternatives that have less of a negative impact on our health.

All of these things may seem like big changes, but if you make these changes gradually, over time, you won’t even feel like its a big deal and you’ll be saving so much money and feeling so much better that you will be glad you did! 

The Power Of Parsley

Parsley is in my fridge this week, a big giant bunch of it. I have been juicing it and cooking it. I think it’s benefits raw outweigh it when cooked-but hey, I’m not a doctor.

The power of Parsley:

•it can neutralise the carcinogens that cause cancer meaning it can help to stop cancer forming at all

•super high in vitamins A, C and K (excellent for mothers breastfeeding that do not want to give their baby the Vit K

•contains an antioxidant called beta carotene that apparently helps  lessen the symptoms you get with both forms of arthritis amongst other things such as asthma too

•1 cup of raw parsley contains over 20% of the iron we need and well over our recommended daily allowance for vitamin A and C and even more astonishingly 1230% of the Vitamin K that we need!

•in the olden days people believed chewing a few sprigs at the end of a meal would freshen breath and even stop you from smelling of garlic!

•parsley has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries and even though the risk is low, pregnant women make should ALWAYS avoid having a lot of parsley especially the oil as it can cause contractions 

•it’s loaded with chlorophyll which is marvellous for getting more oxygen into our blood and keeping us super healthy.

Here is an easy juicing recipe. ( I don’t actually own a juicer, I just blend it all in my smoothie jug and strain it through iNeibo Kitchen Mesh Nut Milk Bag – Reusable Ideal Food Mesh Strainer For Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Yogurt, All Purpose Green Juice Filter (10″x12″)


2 stalks celery

Half cucumber

1 apple

1 pear

Big handful parsley 

1/2 cup of oolong tea 

1 tbps of chia seeds

Every bit of this juice is packed full of benefits such as weight loss to clearer skin from the nutrient dense chia seeds. The oolong and parsley help to give a double kick to the digestive system, keeping your gut nice and cleansed. 


How Wild Blue Green Algae saved me…

Wild Blue Green Algae and it’s healing effects. 

Many years ago (about 11) I suffered terribly with stomach and bowel issues. I had many problems including: constipation; diarrhoea; bloating; cramps; severe heavy periods and indigestion. I also had other issues lower down in my cervix. I had been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and the doctors also thought I had endometriosis. I have always been more interested in the ‘natural’ option and started to look for natural cures for my issues. Back when I had these problems however, there was not Facebook, Pinterest and 100’s of other health blogs and websites to refer too, there was Mr. Motivator and Dr. Gillian McKeith (apparently not a doctor either.) Dr Gillian wrote a book on how to heal called Dr. Gillian Mckeith’s Living Food For Health: 12 natural superfoods to transform your health
This was back in 2005 when the word superfoods had just started buzzing around and she was very popular. In her book I learned many things that caused me to change my diet and lifestyle. She explained that although we are born with perfect insides and that are capable of doing all the things we need them to do to be healthy, as we grow, those of us especially fed on a western diet will probably eventually experience digestive problems. Years of abusing my insides with turkey dinosaurs, fizzy drinks and crisps on toast for dinner (don’t judge me I lived in a hostel-crisps on toast was considered gourmet!) had taken its toll and my digestive system was failing. She went on to say that if our organs were not functioning properly then our body could not do simple things, such as break down food properly meaning I couldn’t assimilate (use) any of the goodness contained in the food. This basically meant that even if I did start eating a better diet my body would not be able to use the nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained within whatever amazing food I was eating. In the book she wrote intelligently about the importance of having and maintaining a healthy gut and how our gut effects our whole health and well being. She (and now I) believed that good health starts in the gut. I started to realise that most stomach problems I had were curable simply by eating better, but first I had to heal my insides. One of the 12 foods she listed as ‘super’ was ‘wild blue green algae’. This algae she said could have an amazing healing effect on the whole body and it’s healing process, and she was not lying. Within 6 months of taking a course of this algae I had healed nearly all of my stomach issues (I still had painful heavy periods) and I was absolutely amazed. 

*on a metaphysical note: when I was diagnosed with IBS a friend of mine had joked that it was because I was ‘full of s**t’ and as funny as it was, it was actually true. My bad diet of eating rubbish over the years, teamed with stress, was now taking a serious toll on me by effecting me physically and playing out as IBS and all the other issues I had. 

What is Wild Blue Green Algae?

Blue-green algae is 70% vegetable protein and has higher levels of beta-carotene than broccoli. The one-two punch potency of blue-green algae is that it contains a high concentration of nutrients- over 65 vitamins, minerals and enzymes and the complete spectrum of eight essential amino acids and ten nonessential amino acids… and they are all easily absorbed by the body. In fact up to 97% of the beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in blue-green algae are easily absorbed (some supplements are as low as 5-25% absorbable). AFA also contains the most biologically active chlorophyll of any known food.

Back when I took this I have to admit to not understanding what it was really about or why it worked so well, but over the years and as I have researched further I have started to see the true magic of this algae. 

Firstly the amount of chlorophyll in it is ridiculously high and what’s even more wonderful is the lipids (fats) also contained within the algae are what helps us to assimilate the chlorophyll meaning by taking this form of algae you will have the healthiest blood in town. Chlorophyll is essentially plant blood and very similar to ours in its make up, so therefore very good at replenishing our own blood supply. Getting enough oxygen rich foods (anything green and leafy) into our diet is a must if we want to avoid cancer and other diseases. Cancer needs an acidic (both physically and mentally) environment to thrive and the algae helps to alkalise the body preventing and in some cases even curing cancer. Western diets are notoriously acidic and this algae helped me to heal the years of acidic abuse I had caused myself not only easily but quickly too. The algae also works to heal your gut flora and a healthy gut is vital to good health. By replenishing the bacteria and helping to encourage the good ones this algae played a vital role in healing my stomach problems.

How to take it:

Firstly the sort of algae she is talking about only grows in a place called Klamath Lake. There are many types of algae but the particular one I used to heal and the one she wrote about is from and only from this special lake in Oregon. 

Back when I took it I purchased it in capsule form from Holland and Barratt as that’s all that was available. However Holland and Barratt no longer sell it and it’s now available in capsule and powder form from other reputable places. I personally use this brand as I know they harvest it correctly and it’s the one from Klamath Lake: Blue Green Klamath Algae 30g (Powder) (additive free)
With regards on dosage amounts, it is very hard to advise. Apart from the fact that I am not a doctor, us humans are all very different. We have different bodies and reactions, and what works for me may work differently for other people. When I took it I started on a 6 month course. I took 1 tablet a day for the first month. Month 2 I took 2 capsules a day. Month 3 I took 3 capsules a day. I worked up until 6 months where I was taking 6 capsules a day (yes that was a lot and it was not cheap but WAY worth it). After a the final month of taking 6 capsules a day 6 months I stopped and continued a maintenance dose of 1 a day for a further 6 months. I had had very severe stomach issues and a lot of healing needed to take place. That was the maximum dose I was on and you may require less. As with anything it’s about trial and error. This algae has no serious dangerous effects and will always do more good than harm BUT, and it’s a big but, it’s important you find your own balance. If you are suffering with digestive, inflammatory or irregular bowel issues this could really help. As with anything I advise doing some of your own research, because as we know I am not a doctor, however as wild blue green algae helped to give me my life back, I feel a duty to share my experience.

I’d like to mention quickly that even though this algae is a bit of magic, what we eat whilst taking it and more importantly after, will have a huge effect on us. Yes the algae is super BUT you have to help it. You can’t eat rubbish everyday and take this and expect everything to change and be great. Not only did I have to take supplements, I had to change my eating habits AND my mind in general. Our body is a temple, so is our mind and so is our soul and we must treat them all as such. 

Stay happy and healthy x

Arnica: How and Why You Should Be Using It…

Ah arnica. All parents (especially parents of young boys) need some arnica cream in their cupboard. I haven’t recently just turned into a compete weirdo that loves plants, crystals and herbs, I was lucky enough to be born into a slightly alternative family. Don’t get me wrong, I did get my fair share of vaccines, antibiotics and turkey dinosaurs but I also got a homeopathic doctor occasionally and a vegetarian mum and a dad that could do reflexology. All of these things have obviously had an impact on me and how I parent my own children and because of that I fully indulge in natural/attachment parenting and part of that is how I treat medical problems. Without trying to sound like a terrible mother, you have got to be nearly dead in this house before I am calling real a doctor as I believe most things can usually be solved easily and NATURALLY at home. I do have 4 very healthy and happy children, so I must be doing something right (hopefully).

Arnica and it’s MANY uses:

Arnica is one of the better known homeopathic remedies and its made with extractions from the Arnica Montana flower, a wonderful alpine plant from the compositae family (a relative of the daisy). It’s important to note that not all arnica is Homeopathic. Homeopathic remedies are made using very mild dilutions of plant extracts, so even though a lot of them are made from potentially deadly plants, they are completely safe to use in their homeopathic form and are marvellous to use for all sorts of ailments and Arnica is truly a wonderful remedy for many things. I remember falling over or knocking into something as a child and the arnica would come straight out and if it came out quickly enough I almost never got a bruise. There is a bit of science to this and it does have to applied quickly as if done straight away it stops your shocked capillaries from bleeding out and will stop the bruise from forming so badly, in some cases it can stop it forming completely. 

In this house we couldn’t live without Arnica. My children, especially the boys are always attempting batman stunts by flying off of our furniture and having Arnica cream to hand helps me to avoid them looking like an advert for abused children. As it’s so good at stopping bruises from forming it’s a great healing and preventative cream to apply immediately after a trauma or a fall even for grown ups, I personally am always waking into things or falling over my children as they insist on creeping up behind me and staying completely still and quiet until it’s too late and bam! we are all on the floor (eye roll). As Arnica is good for any ‘inflammation’ related problems I use it in an essential oil teething cheek rub blend I make for my youngest who is currently cutting his back molars. As it is an anti inflammatory plant it works wonders on pain and conditions such as arthritis and so I also use it blended into my special ‘herbal’ cream that I make for my mums arthritic hand and my cousins psoriasis (never apply it to broken or bleeding skin). If I ever work out (barely ever which is why it hurts when I do!) and find my muscles are aching I jump straight into a bath with a good few drops of Arnica and Lavender essential oil thrown in. That will help to relax my muscles and ease any pain. Even though homeopathic Arnica 200c can only be purchased over the counter as a ‘horse medication’, I personally have used it after giving birth to my last 2 children and found my healing time to be very short compared to my previous 2 births when I didn’t use it. Arnica really is a ‘must-have’ item in our house and we would be at a loss without it. 

How it works:

That’s all a bit technical for me and I honestly have no real clue. I do have a homeopathy bible/book but it’s packed far away as we are moving soon and everything is currently in boxes. What I do know is Homeopathic arnica and herbal Arnica are 2 different things. Homeopathy works on the emotional/internal problem not just the external it’s showing as and the dilutions of the plant extracts are so SO low that homeopathy is a very debatable and controversial topic. However I use both homoeopathically and non-homoeopathically and have seen both work in the ways I have written above and stand by the fact that it does work for many things. From my own personal experience I have found the herbal cream I make with my own non homeopathic arnica added is far better at stopping bruising than any over the counter homeopathic creams and ointments. I also think a bath with the essential oil added is far more effective than taking an arnica 6c tablet for pain and trauma. Arnica really can work miracles and it is definitely something to consider having to hand especially if you have young children. Remember we are all different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you, but its all about finding out what is good for us and arnica is certainly something helpful and so it would be rude of me not to share my experiences. If you cannot make your own creams you can use Nelsons Homeopathic Indicated Arnica 30c – 84 Pillules or Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cream 50g

You can read more about the wonders of Arnica on the equally wonderful Dr. Axe’s website.

Healing Your YONIverse…

Value your vagina, heal your YONIverse

Do you value your vagina? Do you ever just look at it and say ‘wow, you have the capacity to birth a new universe and you totally ROCK’? Because I do. As strange as it may seem to talk to my lady bits, firstly, I am a single woman and if I don’t talk to my yoni; no one will and secondly, it deserves talking too. It’s been through a lot; it’s full of magic, and it deserves praise. It’s given birth to 4 children and has the power to give more. It’s truly amazing what our Yoni’s can do and it’s high time we start respecting them.

So have you ever considered the energy you store in your yoni? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for ‘temple’ and that’s exactly what our vaginas are; a temple. The spiritual cleansing of our lady bits, I believe, is a lost art. I really cannot stress how important it is to cleanse our Yoni’s regularly, ESPECIALLY if you have been entertaining ‘bad spirits’ down there. Over time, I believe our vaginas, just like our stomachs, can become filled with the bacteria we most regularly feed it. Bacteria have a memory and they tend to want what you feed them the most. If you regularly eat rubbish, your body will crave more rubbish as that’s what the parasites that live within you want-MORE of the same rubbish. Yes I said parasites. This is not the place to go into it, but we all have parasites and they breed and multiply if you don’t ever do anything to get rid of them. The same goes for the insides of our lady parts. If you have regularly entertained ‘fuckboys’ (the new word for men that lie, cheat and are generally just rubbish) only to be left heartbroken and wondering why you STILL attract and crave the same idiots, the chances are you need a vaginal cleanse to rid your body of the parasites and negative energy. Remember like energy attracts like energy and if you are storing up bad energy in your yoni, it’s going to keep making you feel like you want to be with the guys/gals you know are no good. A spiritually transmitted disease is a very real thing and you should always choose your partner carefully. You are exchanging ‘life-force’ energy and it’s vital you both have good intentions and the exchange is a loving one. The partners we choose will leave their energy in us and if it’s not good energy it will be harmful to us in the long run.

Past Experiences 

If you are storing up painful energy in your yoni from past trauma such as sexual assault or abuse, it is even more important you cleanse yourself to avoid the energy possibly turning itself into a physical disease. Things like sexual abuse in your childhood could possibly lead to something like cancer in your cervix. You may have never thought about our bodies connection to physical diseases but it’s all connected and definitely all relative. Have you ever experienced sexual trauma? Or do you feel like sex is something that is dirty? These are feelings that can be caused by the energy you are holding down there. A vaginal cleanse is vital for you and I will try and offer some ways in which you can do this. If you want to hear about my own personal experience of sexual trauma and how I healed myself, you can listen to my podcast about it:


How to Heal + Cleanse our Yoni:

Vaginal Steaming

Firstly I only know a bit about vaginal steaming so it’s better I let an actual expert explain. The following was taken from here . You can go can read the full article as it’s very informative. I have put the ‘necessaries’ here.

Vaginal Steam 🌕

“Steams can assist in healing a wide variety of gynaecological issues. They are very effective at enhancing fertility, and assisting in postpartum recovery. 

You can work with just one plant, or a combination of herbs. As with any use of herbal medicine, you can achieve a broader effect by combining the actions & energies of several plants. Here are some suggested formulas that can help you address specific situations, keeping in mind that for more serious conditions, vaginal steams should be part of a larger healing protocol in order to affect lasting change. 

Long / irregular cycles: Oregano, basil, and mugwort. Helps bring on the blood.

Scanty bleeding: Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort. During the last week of the cycle.

Painful menstrual cramps: Motherwort, basil, and lavender. During the last week of the cycle.

Enhance fertility: Oregano, motherwort, and rosemary. Steam 3 consecutive days starting at the end of menstruation / right after you are done bleeding. You can repeat the last week of the cycle, but only if you are not trying to conceive that cycle. Steaming is contraindicated during the second half of the cycle if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

PCOS / Ovarian cysts: Rosemary, motherwort and lavender. 

Endometriosis: Oregano, motherwort, yarrow, and rose petals. 

Fibroids: Motherwort, basil and calendula. Can be done every 2 weeks, but contraindicated altogether if there is very heavy flooding menses, as steaming can increase bleeding. 

Adhesions / blocked fallopian tubes: Oregano, rosemary, and mugwort. 

Bladder / vaginal infections: Yarrow, oregano, lavender and calendula. Steam 2 days, wait a few days, if symptoms persist, repeat. If symptoms appear to worsen, discontinue.

Postpartum: Oregano, calendula, motherwort, and basil. Steam 3 consecutive days within 9 days of the vaginal birth. Okay to do while bleeding. Check with your midwife first. Wait at least 6 weeks after a cesarean section birth.

Perineal tear / scars / episiotomy : Calendula, lavender and yarrow. Wait until wounds are closed and stitches have been removed.

Menopause: Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort. Steam several times after the end of cyclical bleeding. Helps empty out the uterus completely before bleeding stops for good.

Menopausal dryness: Lavender, calendula, and chamomile. 


Situations where vaginal steams should be avoided:

  • While bleeding (in most situations, except postpartum)

  • During a fever

  • While pregnant, or if there is any possibility of #pregnancy

  • With an IUD

  • With extremely heavy flooding menses

  • With any open cuts / wounds / stitches

  • During a herpes outbreak

  • With chronic candida or recurrent yeast infections

When to do vaginal steams

The schedule I generally recommend for vaginal steams is to do them 3 days in a row, during the last week of your cycle. Note that when I use the word “cycle” I am referring to the entire fertility cycle (averaging 28-30 days), not just menstruation. I like doing steams later in the evening so that I can go to bed shortly after finishing the steam. You can do the 3 day routine of vaginal steams once a year for maintenance, or every cycle for deep rooted issues. 

Some even recommend doing a steam every other day all cycle long for more serious conditions, for a more powerful cleanse & detox. This can be very beneficial for women struggling with infertility, but it is important to note that steaming all cycle long should only be done during a cycle where you are NOT trying to conceive’ 

How to Heal + Cleanse your Yoni: USING THE COLOUR RED

Our sex organs are related to our root chakra, arguably the most important chakra and it’s represented by the colour is red. Healing this chakra will help to renew the energy in your yoni.  By surrounding yourself with red in your life, especially when you perform mediations, you will be greatly increasing your Yoni’s healing ability. Eating red foods, wearing red clothes, all of that will help to heal your root chakra.

How to Heal + Cleanse your Yoni: GUIDED MEDITATION

•Create a warm, quiet space and light a red candle. A red scarf to wrap around your middle would be helpful too. Make sure you won’t be interrupted. Sit cross legged with your back to something if you need to. 

•Begin by taking a very long, deep, breath in through your nose. Make sure the air goes into your stomach and not your chest. You may need to spend some time practicing this as most of us breathe from our chests, but take some time and make sure your stomach is filling up with air as your breath. Breath out through your nose, again slowly.

•Repeat 3 times. 

•Next as you breathe in, imagine a red ball of light is pulsing in front of you. Imagine this light is pouring into your yoni. As you breathe out, imagine you are breathing out anything negative you may have stored down there. Feel the red light warming you inside. Imagine and feel that you are breathing it into your whole being. Any thoughts you have just blow them away and just concentrate on the bad energy leaving your body everytime you breathe out. Keep breathing in the red light. When your are breathing in try and imagine the breath is one with the red light and breath it into your yoni, imagine it going through you, cleansing and healing your being. Allow the light to pass through you and keep breathing it in and out of your Yoni. 

•When you are ready, bring yourself back to awareness and slowly get up. Rotate your hips clockwise 12 times and loudly affirm:  ‘I rejoice in who I am. I love my body. I love my yoni and I love myself!’ And smile because you are amazing. 

Try and perform this mediation once a month around the full moon. This will help to keep your root chakra spinning happily.

How to Heal + Cleanse your Yoni: ABSTINENCE 

No it’s not just for nuns! Finally, I personally believe abstinence is the best thing you can do to have a proper spiritual and sexual cleanse. Sexual energy is very underrated and since my latest vow of abstinence, I have written a book! That’s testament to the energy we can harness from down there and what can happen if we put it to good use. I made a short video on this you can watch for further information (or if you hate reading!). You can build up so much power from ‘abstaining’ and if you can do it, abstaining every now and then can have HUGE benefits.

Have a beautiful day and remember to love your Yoni… 

How a Book Saved My Life

For many years now I have been a firm believer that positivity and a good attitude to life can literally get you anything and take you anywhere you want. I have however had to learn this the hard way.

I know positivity works because for quite a few years I lived such a miserable existence and I was such a horrible, negatively draining person, that it was literally being reflected in my life. Bad people, bad experiences, bad situations, it was all just very bad and it all stayed very bad until someone close to me handed me a life changing book: The Secret. It was given to me at what was possibly the lowest point of my life. I remember feeling almost suicidal at the time, but my friend begged me to read it. At this point I had nothing to left lose, so I took the book and went home and sat on the kitchen floor of my bedsit and you know what? I read the WHOLE book cover to cover in about 4 hours. Never has a book changed me so quickly and when I say quickly I mean quickly. Do not assume The Secret lacks substance because I read it so quickly, quite the contrary, it is so profound that I have continued to read bits of it every now and then, over and over again, for the last 10 years. I was just so moved by what I read and so compelled to keep reading until it was finished as I knew it was what I needed in my life so desperately. 

The Secret is a very interesting and spiritually enlightening book. On the surface you may think it’s all about attracting cars and houses but it’s really not. If you accept The Secret and it’s philosophies, you are essentially accepting that you; we; me; I; ALL OF US, we all to a certain extent create our own existence and are all part of a collective ‘One’. The Secret teaches that not only are we part of a collective ‘One’, it says it is our own fault that we are living a miserable existence as its all due to our attitude towards our life, the decisions we make and how we treat others. The Secret makes you start to take responsibility for your own happiness. It made me realise my attitude to life and how I start each day are especially important. You know when you wake in a bad mood and then one thing after another happens as your mood continues to get worse? Yes well the best thing you can do is get back into bed, lie back and think about what you are grateful for and what you love. This will shift you and your whole day into a better place. After you are smiling, then you may leave your bed and start your day, knowing it will be a great one. A positive start to the day is not something to be overlooked either, as when you make a genuine conscious effort to have a good attitude you actually do effect your life. If something bad happens I now refuse to get angry or upset as I know it will just get just get worse from there. 


The Secret was full of mind changing advice and essentially it’s about living a certain ‘way’ that will help us to lead more positive and productive lives. A way I now live almost religiously and a way that have infinitely made my life better. I now know that things don’t happen without a reason and when you become familiar with the secret and adopt it’s philosophies you start to see the reasons and coincidences and you realise you have a friend you can’t see. The Universe. The Universe is just like our best friend. It respond to us and assumes whatever we are experiencing we like. It then tries to give us more of it, so if you are having a difficult day, the universe looks at you and says ‘oh you like that? Have some more!’ Think about that for a second. The universe can tell no difference between good and bad it just reacts to frequencies. We omit a frequency with every thought and emotion we have. If it’s a good frequency it will line up and connect with the same frequency and you will continue to have a wonderful day HOWEVER the same works for bad thoughts and feelings. The universe will respond to you and how your are feeing and if it’s bad it will line up and attach to more bad things. This is why I promote happiness so much, as being happy is productive and is the only way to achieve success (in my opinion) as a happy person has happy thoughts and happy thoughts attract to….. you guessed it – HAPPY THINGS! 

A lot of my life has changed for the better since reading The Secret and I could not recommend it more especially if you have more bad days than good. Social scientists are starting to prove more and more that the way you look at life and the attitude you take as well as certain actions are the key to creating and living a better life for yourself. 

The Secret not only changed my life, it most definitely helped to save it and it put me on a path that would eventually lead me here. I owe a special gratitude to The Secret and recommend it to EVERYONE, young and old. My eldest has his own copy and my younger ones watch it on DVD and it’s always my ‘go to’ gift for friends that haven’t already got a copy! You can visit their website and see the way it has helped others to change their lives for the better. You can buy The Secret book and The Secret dvd here.

I personally was inspired so much by The Secret and it changed my life so much that now 10 years later, I have written my own book. I was inspired to write ‘The Happy Diet’ because just like Rhonda Byrne (the author of The Secret) I too want to help the world and humanity have a happier existence. My book is a blueprint for happiness and whilst it’s absolutely nothing like The Secret and its teachings, its aim is still the same-to help the reader; and humanity, have a better life. The Happy Diet is an easy-to-follow 4 week plan and its recommended to anyone that wants to live more happily. In it you will discover my formula for true happiness and what I have learned we need to be truly at peace. The Happy Diet helps you develop habits and practices that will not only help you clear your mind and soul; it will completely turn your life around. Purchase The Happy Diet: A Complete Blueprint For A Happier Existence… now.

Stay happy and stay productive x 

Dr. Emoto, Water, The Human Body and How Our Words Affect Us.

How is water in our body and the words we speak even vaguely connected I hear you ask? Because essentially we are all just big bowls of water wandering around the planet and I am learning that the words we speak can have a major effect on our ‘bowl’. We humans are actually made up of about 60-70% water-that’s a LOT of water, we are literally human jellyfish. Years ago after reading a very special book. I started practising the ‘art’ of speaking to oneself with love instead of constant negative self talk and bad language. It took a while to master this, as with most bad habits they can take a while to break. This positive self talk however had a major impact on my life for the better and it’s something I couldn’t recommend more. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting. I have recently discovered some earth shattering work (if it’s true) by a very special guy named Dr. Masaru Emoto. He is a Japanese Doctor of alternative medicine, author and researcher. Back in the 90’s Dr. Emoto apparently conducted a very, VERY interesting study on water and claims that human consciousness and words can affect the molecular structure of water. Interesting right? He says when water was placed in jar and the jar covered with words like ‘I love you’ the waters structure actually started to change for the better, leaving him with beautiful water that was magical to look at. 

This is water when told ‘I love you’

This is water when told ‘You make me sick, I will kill you’

There is clearly a very vast difference in the effects of the words on this water. He also has said that through prayer and meditation a group of similar minded people could potentially turn a toxic river into a healthy one. If that’s true, that has got to be the most potentially amazing thing to have ever been discovered EVER.  

Dr. Emoto has been heavily criticised in the scientific community for his lack of what they label as ‘real’ evidence. The problem is that, what we know from quantum physics is that the mere observation of something can be changed, depending on the person viewing it.  So we are in a catch 22 situation because what Dr. Emoto saw and discovered may be entirely because that is his belief and therefore that is his reality. If however another scientist who did NOT believe in the power of words over water and they conducted a similar study, then their experimental outcome may well be completely different. What a funny world we live in. Anyway I’m going off on a tangent but my point is, if we are mainly water and water is effected by words and the thoughts directed at it-it makes sense that you would be able to effect your own body and maybe even any dis-eases you may have by speaking nice things to yourself. 

I have been practising this myself and have found that the kinder I am to myself and others around me, the better my life has become and I seem to be healthier and happier. Maybe my body of water is turning into beautiful crystals as the words of love I speak to myself and others start to change my body. Dr. Emoto pictures alone speak for themselves and my own action of speaking better to myself has drastically improved my life and has proven that we can ‘talk’ ourselves better. I am not a scientist, nor can I confirm these experiments, but common sense tells me that if I’m 60-70% water and frequency effects our water, then I can only be improving on what I have by speaking to myself with love. Maybe after reading this you will try and speak a bit more kindly to yourself and those around you and start to heal yourself and others too. You are amazing and should remember to remind yourself a bit more often.

Dealing with Colic + Reflux Naturally

As a mother of 4 children that I have tried to raise as holistically and naturally as possible I have over the years educated myself on what else is available to those who don’t want to use ‘over the counter’ medication. I believe western medicine has its benefits BUT and this is a big but, a lot of it has detrimental after effects that are harmful to our children and if we can avoid giving them strong medications before their system can handle it then that is preferable. Luckily mother nature has many remedies to offer us that seek those alternatives. My 3rd child Neo had very bad colic. He was born slightly underweight and with a baby hernia. Being the person I am I knew when the doctors said it was ‘normal’ I knew it certainly was not. A hernia of any degree is from stress whatever way we choose to look at it. His father had been having an affair whilst I was pregnant and I had got quite stressed whilst being carrying him. I had lost a lot of weight and in my last trimester I was lighter in weight than before I was pregnant. The stress I was under undoubtedly transferred to my son. Someone had told me that if you are stressed and cry a lot when you’re pregnant that this can make your baby very unsettled for the first 6 months. This made so much sense to me and I felt so bad knowing I was the main reason this had happened. I knew I had caused the Hernia and when he got colic I knew that was also part of the stress. I never wanted to cry about the situation I was in as I didn’t want my other children to know I was broken so I didn’t. But it’s almost as if Neo picked up my tears and cried them himself. It was not the best time and in hindsight it was probably more to do with my sadness at losing his dad than anything medical. There were however a few things that I discovered whilst trying to ‘fix’ his colic and a few that really worked. As we know I am not a doctor but some of the following I have found through research and my own trials that they do work and can offer much needed relief.  


Firstly it’s important to know what is causing this problem. A quick look into the causes of reflux and you can see an aversion to dairy products is common factor. If you are breastfeeding try to eliminate/cut down all dairy you have. If formula fed, maybe consider moving to a diary free version. Nuts and other allergies can also be the cause, so as boring as it may be of you are breastfeeding for the next few months your diet needs to be quite alkaline based and very healthy. 

Homeopathy: Nat Phos 6x

Homeopathy is often seen as magic when all else has failed. It’s actually not magic but well worth considering. Nat Phos is a naturally occurring cell salt that we produce to aid digestion. It can however be insufficient in babies. Taking Nat Phos 6x can rapidly improve your babies reflux and it’s completely safe to use. You can crush one tablet into a few ml of milk and give immediately after every feed to stop the reflux. If this is not effective, please note that Nat Phos 6x is often taken along side Nux Vom and or arnica HOWEVER I am not a homeopath and as I am not sure of your babies exact condition, I cannot advise properly. It would be relatively cheap and easy to get a consultation from a homeopath and something to maybe consider as homeopathy is HUGELY effective at providing relief. 


Often the digestive problems can be caused by poor alignment caused by birth trauma. Seeing a chiropractor that deals with babies is well worth considering. He or she will be able to gently realign your baby and that can help the problem to completely cease.

Fennel Tea

Fennel is a very old, tried and trusted remedy for reflux. It eases the stomach and the digestive process. If you are breastfeeding you can drink fennel tea yourself. It ideally needs to be drunk 15 mins before you feed baby. 

If you are not breastfeeding you can make up the tea and give to your baby in diluted amounts. Steep a tea bag for 15-20 mins and then add 2oz of tea to 2oz of water to a bottle to feed your baby. You can use in place of water. 

Chamomile tea 

Chamomile is another ancient, tried and trusted remedy. It works to calm the stomach and relax the baby in general. This will help with sleeping and the babies mood. Again it can be drunk by you if breastfeeding or a diluted version can be made up for the baby. Chamomile tea before a feed will really help. It is rare and unlikely but should a rash occur, stop using the tea. This is what worked best for my Neo. An ounce or 2 before his feed or when I drank it made a HUGE difference, it really was a god-send. 

Magic tea 

There are specially blended teas you can buy that combine a lot of powerful herbs mentioned above. You may like to try one of these. This is a blend that I can personally recommend: Neuners Baby Stomach Ease


Baby massage can be helpful on many levels. Firstly it can help digestion by regularly massaging the stomach and secondly it is hugely relaxing and beneficial to your babies wellbeing. It will help you build a bond with your baby and give you both special time together. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube under ‘baby reflux tummy massage’.


You are so very important in this process. If you are not happy, you are not properly able to care for the rest of your family. In spite of what you may think, YOU are the most important as you are the string that holds your family together. That can be overwhelming and some times the feelings you get when your baby wont stop crying and you just want to put your head through a wall but you can’t as its not appropriate to act like a child when trying to console one BUT you still want to-that feeling is what you need to know will end. It all ends so quickly and please bare that in mind because it really does end and quickly. They will soon grow up and move out and you will look back and wish they could be that tiny ball of small screaming madness because you will find it is way more manageable and WAY cuter than what comes later believe me. However for now it is important to break occasionally so you don’t go insane. You need to try and have half an hour a day to YOURSELF. Or for one day a week you need to get away from it all. One or other or both if you can. But you must find time for you. A bath, a massage, a walk, a scream, 26 shots of vodka, whatever you fancy just make sure you get a regular break. Husband, partner, friends, family, whoever can help, ask them and I’m sure they will be more willing than you think. Remember nothing lasts forever.

How to Set New Moon Intentions

Do you know what I love most about the moon? It’s that every month (moonth) we get a new opportunity to start again. Think of your months as little tiny years, each month having a spring, summer, Autumn and winter. The week of the full moon is the summer of our month and when we have the most energy. It’s also why people tend to go a bit mad. As not many people track the moon they don’t understand how it’s energy is effecting them. There is such a huge amount of energy that comes with a full moon that if you’re not aware of it, you may think you’re going mad and put your energy to bad use. Most women either ovulate or menstruate at that time, things can start to get crazy. If however you are aware of when the full moon falls, you can start to use it to your advantage. It’s definitely not a time for crazy and being aware that the moon is full is beneficial to you because you know not to act on any heightened energy you may be feeling. The full moon is a time of harvest and a time to celebrate with loved ones. Make plans to see friends and family, maybe even have a little full moon gathering and all get together for some fun. The week of the new moon however is like the winter of our month. It is the perfect time energetically to set new intentions. The energy just after the new moon is all that you need to fuel a new project or goal. Many farmers will plant seeds at this time as those with the knowledge know that it will help to encourage a speedier and more healthy growth. What this means for you, is that for 2-3 days after the moon has turned to new, all goal/intention setting you do will be given the super power and magnetic energy of the new growing moon. It’s also good to be aware that this is a time for relaxing and hibernating as you would in winter. Depending on which cycle you are on you will either menstruate or ovulate on or around the new moon and as its a time when energy is very low on the planet, time is best spent quietly, reflecting on the month and dreaming up goals for the future.

How to set good intentions and make new moon wishes:

Start by finding some quiet time and space. Light a candle and maybe smudge your area. You need to have something to write in/on. I have a few beautiful notebooks and letter paper I like to write special things on. Here is where you need to sit and think for a while: What are your ‘end’ goals? What is it you want to achieve this month to get there? Start writing a list with these things on. Really put all intentions into writing it with passion. When you have finished your lists, sit for a while and take time to absorb your writing. Next give thanks to the moon for helping to supercharge your intentions. Then you can (if it’s safe to) tare out the lists and set fire to the paper, burn it all and give thanks for your intention/wish/goal being completed already. That may sound odd but if you can get into the place of already having AND no longer needing the things you desire, it will come to you at lightening speed. Wishes are kind of like buses, the more you worry about where they are, the longer they take to turn up. Trust the universe has your back, know what you want is already yours and be grateful like it’s happening already.
After you have done this, you can sit and meditate under the new moon for a while. When you have finished, thank the moon for its energy and carry on with your life knowing you have the power of the moon on your side and wait for the magic to unfold……..

Meditation For The Whole Family

Meditation is THE thing to be doing to help you-no matter what it is you actually need help with. Firstly, I am a big promoter of meditation simply because it has ‘scientifically’ proven health benefits and people never argue with science (I actually always do argue with ‘science’ but for once I’m not disagreeing!) Apart from it now being ‘scientifically proven’ to be beneficial it has been recommended by many successful people over the years and in most books on mindfulness, spirituality and success, meditation come up time and time again. There is even an amazing book called The Silva Method and it’s whole basis for success is meditation. It honestly  can improve your life in so my ways it’s hard to know where to begin and explain some. Firstly meditation is something for ANY age group. Young or old, everyone can benefit. Sometimes if things get to much in our house and the kids are blowing up and they are full of too much energy we sit and we meditate. Sitting for even 5 minutes and practising deep breathing and mindfulness will have a positive impact on the whole family. My children will always be calm and back to being centered after some time being still. 

Children’s Meditation Practice 

If you find your children are angry or in a bad mood and/or behaving out of sorts it’s good to sit them down and ask them to close their eyes and breathe with you. 

Ask them to imagine a ball above their heads. Tell them they need to try and fill that ball with all their bad/mad/sad energy. 

Sit with them and blow all of your bad energy (yes yours too) and thoughts and feelings that are bothering you into that ball. 

When it is full you can all blow the ball up and out of the window and watch all the bad stuff float away. 

Tell the children that once the ball has gone so with has their problems. Let them wave goodbye to it. They will feel lighter and happier, leaving you all to get on with a better day. 

This is a good practice to do especially around the full moon when everyone has a lot of extra energy. 

Meditation for Grown Ups

For adults there are a variety of things that meditation can assist. It lowers stress, improves our sleep, helps our heart and refreshes our minds. More recently it has been discovered to improve your immune function. ( function too AND can decrease ( ) inflammation in our body. That’s a massive discovery and means meditation can help people suffering from inflammatory problems such as Crohn’s disease and arthritis. Stressed at work? Meditate. Can’t sleep? Meditate. Can’t focus? Meditate. Think too much? MEDITATE! There really is not much that can’t be solved with someday stillness and good breathing. Meditation can become addictive but in a good way as the ‘high’ feeling you get during and afterwards afterwards keeps you wanting more. 

Bare in mind that meditation may not come easily at first to all that try it and everyone meditates at different levels. What’s important here is that you are trying. You probably won’t sit for your first time and reach nirvana however you will feel super relaxed and be training yourself to eventually reach nirvana. Reaching that desired altered state of higher consciousness can be difficult at first especially if you have trouble calming your mind. I literally have about a million thought every second and it’s hard at first to ‘stop’ them. However with time it becomes easier to quieten your mind and will benefit even more generally from this ancient exercise. You can use meditation to manifest or you could simply use it to reduce stress. Whatever you use it for if you are suffering emotionally or spiritually in ANY part of your life please try this, as I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

The following is a guided meditation taken from my new book <a rel=”nofollow” href=”″>The Happy Diet: A Complete Blueprint For A Happier Existence…</a><img src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />
. It’s a 4 week plan to help you reach a happier state of existence.

Guided Meditation

Create a warm, quiet space and light a candle. Make sure you won’t be interrupted. Sit cross legged with your back to something if you need to. 

Begin by taking a very long, deep, breath in through your nose. Make sure the air goes into your stomach and not your chest. You may need to spend some time practicing this as most of us breathe from our chests, but take some time and make sure your stomach is filling up. Breath out through your nose, again slowly. You want to hear a sort of ocean air noise as you breathe. 

Repeat 3 times. 

Next as you breathe in, imagine a beautiful white light pouring in to the crown of your head. Imagine this light is filling you with love. As you breathe out, imagine you are breathing out anything negative in you. Any stresses you have just blow them away and feel them leave your body everytime you breathe out. Keep breathing in the white light through the top of your head and imagine your self over flowing with love and happiness. 

Any thoughts you have, acknowledge them and let them pass, do not dwell. Once you truly stop observing your thoughts, you will start feeling very floaty and detached (this may take days/weeks/months to properly achieve so do not worry). Enjoy this place of calm and just breathe and bathe in the love of the universe.

When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and start to focus back on this world. 

Once you a comfortable with this, you can start to develop what you do and how you do it. You can add in chanting or visualisations, burn sacred oils, there is so much more to meditation than just breathing. However for beginners it’s best to keep it simple. 

Even a little bit helps

I don’t meditate alone as much as I’d like as I simply have don’t have the time at the moment but I do it with the kids whenever we need to as the difference it makes is priceless. Even a small amount of mindful time with your children will be enough to change EVERYTHING. 

If you have any questions or need any help with anything, email me