Who is NOT Dr. Tamara?…

Tamara is one of those rare (and weird) people that genuinely cares about the health and well-being of others. She has a unique way of making other humans feel happy and is on an unstoppable mission to make everyone as annoyingly happy as she is. If you feel anything less than wonderful the majority of the time, then you probably need a bit of Tamara in your life. Tamara mixes her alternative lifestyle approach, motivational mouth and inspirational mind to try and help other people live more happy, fulfilled and satisfying lives. 

Tamara believes,

it is easy to be happy naturally, however because of our ever increasing UNnatural approach to life, we find ourselves more depressed than ever. 

We seemed to have become lost in our quest for ‘having its all’ and we have forgotten that it’s the simple things that really matter. As well as the daily battle of over working ourselves to buy mindless things we don’t need, we are constantly faced with many others problems that can make it difficult to function as a happy human being.  We are challenged daily by various environmental threats, poisonous food seems to be the norm and our freedom has become controlled by people that have no right to control it. ALL of these combined can cause us great stress and as a result we are living in a time where depression is on the increase and good mental health is declining rapidly. Tamara wants to help people understand the power they have over their own lives and teach them the simple things that will help to keep them happy.  There are so many different ways to protect yourself and your family, improve your mental health and well-being and that’s why Tamara started all of this-to help share it all with you and help you to find your way to a better life.

Tamara and this website are completely devoted to spreading love,  joy and quality information that will help to improve your life in ridiculous amounts. 

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, you can email Tamara on:


NOT Dr. Tamara


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