About NDT

NOT Dr Tamara is NOT a Doctor. She is a free-thinking, homeschooling solo mum of 5 who runs multiple successful businesses and tries to live as holistically and happily as humanly possible. Her main passion is providing affordable mental health products and guidance to those that need it and she runs a refreshingly unique daily life coaching service called ‘The Happy Gang’ here where you can get £1000’s of daily life coaching for under £10 a month! She also has a successful CBD company www.nynoregano.com where she provides much needed medicinal products at a fraction of the Highstreet cost. 

She does all this because she can and because she wants too! She has learned how to manifest LIKE A BOSS and is now dedicated to helping as many people as she can live mentally, physically and spiritually better lives and that includes you!

Sign up to the gang here and start learning how to develop the same habits Tamara does to ensure she has a happy, healthy life! You can follow @notdrtamara on Instagram for daily manifestation inspiration and guidance and @notdrtamaralifestyle for everything else!