Dr. Emoto, Water, The Human Body and How Our Words Affect Us.

How is water in our body and the words we speak even vaguely connected I hear you ask? Because essentially we are all just big bowls of water wandering around the planet and I am learning that the words we speak can have a major effect on our ‘bowl’. We humans are actually made up of about 60-70% water-that’s a LOT of water, we are literally human jellyfish. Years ago after reading a very special book. I started practising the ‘art’ of speaking to oneself with love instead of constant negative self talk and bad language. It took a while to master this, as with most bad habits they can take a while to break. This positive self talk however had a major impact on my life for the better and it’s something I couldn’t recommend more. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting. I have recently discovered some earth shattering work (if it’s true) by a very special guy named Dr. Masaru Emoto. He is a Japanese Doctor of alternative medicine, author and researcher. Back in the 90’s Dr. Emoto apparently conducted a very, VERY interesting study on water and claims that human consciousness and words can affect the molecular structure of water. Interesting right? He says when water was placed in jar and the jar covered with words like ‘I love you’ the waters structure actually started to change for the better, leaving him with beautiful water that was magical to look at. 

This is water when told ‘I love you’

This is water when told ‘You make me sick, I will kill you’

There is clearly a very vast difference in the effects of the words on this water. He also has said that through prayer and meditation a group of similar minded people could potentially turn a toxic river into a healthy one. If that’s true, that has got to be the most potentially amazing thing to have ever been discovered EVER.  

Dr. Emoto has been heavily criticised in the scientific community for his lack of what they label as ‘real’ evidence. The problem is that, what we know from quantum physics is that the mere observation of something can be changed, depending on the person viewing it.  So we are in a catch 22 situation because what Dr. Emoto saw and discovered may be entirely because that is his belief and therefore that is his reality. If however another scientist who did NOT believe in the power of words over water and they conducted a similar study, then their experimental outcome may well be completely different. What a funny world we live in. Anyway I’m going off on a tangent but my point is, if we are mainly water and water is effected by words and the thoughts directed at it-it makes sense that you would be able to effect your own body and maybe even any dis-eases you may have by speaking nice things to yourself. 

I have been practising this myself and have found that the kinder I am to myself and others around me, the better my life has become and I seem to be healthier and happier. Maybe my body of water is turning into beautiful crystals as the words of love I speak to myself and others start to change my body. Dr. Emoto pictures alone speak for themselves and my own action of speaking better to myself has drastically improved my life and has proven that we can ‘talk’ ourselves better. I am not a scientist, nor can I confirm these experiments, but common sense tells me that if I’m 60-70% water and frequency effects our water, then I can only be improving on what I have by speaking to myself with love. Maybe after reading this you will try and speak a bit more kindly to yourself and those around you and start to heal yourself and others too. You are amazing and should remember to remind yourself a bit more often.